Sunday, May 9, 2010


My first foray into hosting a party went well last night.  In fact, I am recovering today. We drank a lot of champagne. And I am feeling it today.

I am happy it was a success.  I was always afraid no one would come or people would be bored.  While a few people did not come, no one appeared to be bored and it was a success in my opinion.  One thing off of my list that I accomplished.  This was the 1st Annual Party, with other annual parties to come. 

I am smiling about it today.

I went to visit Mom today.  She is barely talking and not really eating. The nursing home had set out cakes and coffee for visitors and we got a piece of Mom to eat.  She did eat it and that was something.  She hasn’t been eating very much.  And getting her to talk today was hard.  Harder than normal. My brother was taking it hard that she did not know his name.  She has been forgetting us a lot.  Some one braided her hair today and she looked good and smiled but something was missing. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

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