Sunday, May 23, 2010

I love weekends

Really, I do.  This weekend has been a busy one.  Yesterday, I went to Earthfest. This is my 5th year in a row going but it was the most disappointing of the 5 years.  Previously, the music was good, there were abundant freebies from various vendors, the people weren’t jerks but that was not yesterday.

It was a gorgeous day to be out in Boston though.

IMG_0088 IMG_0089

We secured a spot right on the Charles near the Hatch Shell. We laid down a few blankets and hope to hear some music.  The music sounded bad and we left halfway through The Gin Blossom’s performance.  My favorite part of the day was gushing to the people from Honest Tea about my love of their tea and my bottle cap wisdom thing here. 

I wasn’t feeling very good after so I went home and laid down for a bit. My head was killing me. My whole left side of my face along with my left ear, hurt.  It is far too usual lately. I napped a bit, watched some Rebel Monkeys, napped some more. I felt a little better after the nap.

I am totally addicted lately to Nat Geo Wild.  Not to mention, I have a total crush on Casey Anderson.


Tonight is LOST’S final episode. What other show am I going obsess about now? All I watch are animal and travel shows and PBS. Frontline is great but obsession worthy. There will no disturbances tonight. I will not answer the telephone, look my my iTouch, pet Boots….nothing.

I was a bit of a roller coaster of emotions this weekend.  Happy then sad. I seem to feel worse when I feel bad physically. Luckily, this is a short week. I only work Monday and Wednesday.  Tuesday, I am taking Dad to get his second eye surgery then I leave for Louisville on Thursday.  YAY!

Bottle Cap Wisdom of the Day from Snapple diet Lemon Tea (not my favorite): Real fact # 834: Right-handed people tend to chew food on their right side and lefties chew on the left.  Now, as a lefty, I have never really thought about which side I chew on. 

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