Thursday, May 6, 2010


I had a better day today. I even kicked ass tonight at trivia with some answers I pulled out of the blue (and one I blew but accentuate the positive.) I did manage to crawl out of bed at 5:20 am and get to the gym for the 6 am Power Walk.  I could not keep up with the front but I was not last.



I got a crazy idea for breakfast this morning. I took two Van’s Multigrain waffles (a favorite of mine) and defrosted some mixed berries and added them to part skim ricotta and put that on the toasted waffles.  The Italian half of me is jumping for joy over ricotta. It was good! I think I may have to do it again.  The juice leaked all over my lunch bag so it will be juicier next time.



I had the same lunch again of turkey, cheese, spinach on Dark German wheat bread with mustard.  I had a pear with it and a small Lara Cashew Cookie bar I got at the Walk for Hunger in the snack bag.  I really like Lara bars and this was good but it does not beat the Apple Pie one.




I had a Wallaby Organic Non Fat Strawberry Guava yogurt for snack this afternoon. I like all the Wallaby yogurts and this one was not different. I will have to get more when they go on sale.




Tonight was trivia. I worked late and did not get home until after 7. By the time I got home, I was tired and irritable from a cramped subway ride home. I broke the cardinal rule on riding the T. Don’t talk to anyone. I was very close to him and there was no getting around it.  A little too close then my bag caused the door not to shut and we joked about it.  Anyways, I was in no mood to cook so I got food at the bar I play trivia at, Cagney’s. I got a grilled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries. They give maple syrup with the fries and it was good.  I had two of the Sea Dog Apricot Wheat Beer. I like it! I have also been converted to Magic Hat #9 but not tonight.


I am still thinking about what to get Mom for Mother’s Day. I may just get her a treat of some kind.  Then there is my party Saturday night. I will think of stuff at work tomorrow.


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