Monday, May 3, 2010

2010 Walk for Hunger

Yesterday, I walked 20 miles in support of the Greater Boston Food Bank.  This is the 5th year in a row I have walked in the Walk for Hunger.  The weather yesterday was hot, around 90 degrees, and brutal but I did get through all 20 miles.  It was struggle at the end but I was determined to complete the walk.

I started the walk with Secret Sister and my two friend, Bonnie and Jodi.  It was a little overcast but not that hot yet.

There were about 42,000 walkers walking.

We walked the last few miles along the Charles River and got to see some sites across the river.

I like this shot of the Prudential Building.

I was happy to see the finish line. By the time I was here, I was almost crawling.

I absolutely collapsed on the grass on the Common after.  I was tired. 

Sorry, if you don't like feet pictures. My feet have seen better days.  I could not wait to get my feet out of my shoes. It is amazing how dirt got through my sneakers and socks to my feet.

Today, I feel OK.  The bottom of my feet hurt and I am a little sore but compared to yesterday, a lot better.

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