Friday, May 28, 2010


This Boston gal is taking a break in Louisville. I need to get a laptop to blog from the road. Recap on Tuesday night. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend my fellow Americans! - Posted using BlogPress from my iTouch

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skirt rant

Why is it so hard to find skirts in a size above 16? My legs are one of my good parts and despite looking at 5 stores today, I only found skirts at one of them, Talbot’s Woman.  I decided against buying one of the Talbot’s Woman skirts but I considered it seriously. They had a few work appropriate skirts and they were not really “old lady” like. 

There are lots of cool skirts I found online. I might have to order some when I get back.

This one from BodenUSA really caught my eye. I want it.




It is $98 and with the colors, most of my tops would go with it.









This one from Land’s End’s website but I did not see it at Sears to try it on.










I like this one from JC Penney. I may just have to order it.





I was specifically looking for a denim skirt but I also wanted a few for work.  I finally found a cheap denim skirt at Old Navy. I am not a huge fan of Old Navy since nothing seems to fit right there but I wanted it for Louisville and it will do.

Please bring back the skirts!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Really LOST? Really? I am really disappointed with the ending.  I was expecting more or something different. You spent 6 years taking me on twists and turns, and this is the ending? BLAH! Totally underwhelming.

At least I got up for work close to the time I was supposed to.  My mind was buzzing after the show and it took a bit to come down.

Tomorrow, I am off to take Dad to have the second eye operated on to remove cataracts. He should be fine. I will also do laundry and a bit of vacation packing. In 2 days I will be in Louisville!

I did not have a chance to grab a bottle for wisdom, but it will resume tomorrow.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I love weekends

Really, I do.  This weekend has been a busy one.  Yesterday, I went to Earthfest. This is my 5th year in a row going but it was the most disappointing of the 5 years.  Previously, the music was good, there were abundant freebies from various vendors, the people weren’t jerks but that was not yesterday.

It was a gorgeous day to be out in Boston though.

IMG_0088 IMG_0089

We secured a spot right on the Charles near the Hatch Shell. We laid down a few blankets and hope to hear some music.  The music sounded bad and we left halfway through The Gin Blossom’s performance.  My favorite part of the day was gushing to the people from Honest Tea about my love of their tea and my bottle cap wisdom thing here. 

I wasn’t feeling very good after so I went home and laid down for a bit. My head was killing me. My whole left side of my face along with my left ear, hurt.  It is far too usual lately. I napped a bit, watched some Rebel Monkeys, napped some more. I felt a little better after the nap.

I am totally addicted lately to Nat Geo Wild.  Not to mention, I have a total crush on Casey Anderson.


Tonight is LOST’S final episode. What other show am I going obsess about now? All I watch are animal and travel shows and PBS. Frontline is great but obsession worthy. There will no disturbances tonight. I will not answer the telephone, look my my iTouch, pet Boots….nothing.

I was a bit of a roller coaster of emotions this weekend.  Happy then sad. I seem to feel worse when I feel bad physically. Luckily, this is a short week. I only work Monday and Wednesday.  Tuesday, I am taking Dad to get his second eye surgery then I leave for Louisville on Thursday.  YAY!

Bottle Cap Wisdom of the Day from Snapple diet Lemon Tea (not my favorite): Real fact # 834: Right-handed people tend to chew food on their right side and lefties chew on the left.  Now, as a lefty, I have never really thought about which side I chew on. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It is that time of year again.

Freckle multiplying time!


I swear any time I go outside, I come back in with more. It is like a freckle party on me.  I have a lot of freckles during the winter but each year, I get more freckled and pale.



I tried something new today. I have been reading on various blogs about Siggi’s Yogurt and normally, it is about $2.50 a container and  is out of my yogurt budget. Stop & Shop had it on sale last week and I thought why not. It is Icelandic style yogurt. It is non-fat but very creamy and indulgent. I got the Orange & Ginger flavor. It took a few bites for me to get used to but I liked it.  I had to eat it very slow.  It was just not something I could eat fast.  I will have to try the other flavors if it is on sale again.


The nutrition facts aren’t bad either.  I am really trying hard to cut back on really sweet stuff and artificial sweeteners taste way too sweet sometimes.  I also understood the ingredients. I didn’t know what a vegetable rennet was but I looked it up.









For breakfast, I went back to one of my favorites, Van's waffles. This time with apple butter and raisins on them. I did not get hungry until lunch time.  Lunch was just a ham and cheese rollup with mustard and blueberries on the side.  Dinner was 96% ground beef cooked with peppers and a bit of cheese.



The sun helped my mood. I wasn’t feeling depressed today.  I got outside and got some sun (and freckles) and it felt good. I could have stayed outside all day.  I will on Saturday at Earthfest.  The weather is looking good for Saturday too.

The Bottle cap wisdom of the night from Honest Tea’s Lori’s Lemon tea (see a trend?): Good timber does not grow with ease, the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees. - Douglas Malloch. I like it.  I am a much stronger person because of the wind in my life.  I TOTALLY AM!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three Wishes

Tonight’s bottle cap wisdom of the night comes from Magic Hat #9: You have three wishes……

What would I wish for?

1. Mom being cured.

2. Go back in time, with the knowledge I have today, and make things right.

3. To be magically transported to Bora Bora.

If only, they could be done.

Today was a gray drizzly day in Boston.  I didn’t get out much at work and was totally alone today. I did not want to get out of bed this morning and let’s just say I didn’t until I had to. I did bring my breakfast and lunch to work so my time was not wasted.

Breakfast today was old fashioned oats made with 1% milk and with a banana and peanut butter mixed it.  Good for a cool day.



I grabbed a Healthy Choice pineapple chicken for lunch today because I was tired of having a rollup. It was ok.  The food seemed kind of space but it tasted ok.





I had a Wallaby Down Under yogurt for snack. Can I say yummy? It was. Creamy fruity goodness.




Dinner consisted of two Morningstar Black Bean burgers with cheddar cheese, salsa and a little guacamole. Ok. I had the last piece of apricot raisin bread from When Pigs Fly for dessert. 

I have had a killer headache again today.  They won’t go away! I need to call my doctor again.  My head hurts now.

Louisville is a week away.  I am excited!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

National I’m Blogging About Mental Health Day

I have been a mental health blogger since day one. I am more open with my struggles then some people. If I can help someone, then it makes me happy.  This is also my sounding board.  It gets ideas out of my head instead of ruminating over them endlessly.  I am tired of hearing about stigma. How I should hide it or just cheer up. It wasn’t that easy.  Thanks for listening.

The bad stuff first, just to clear my mind. I had a weigh in tonight and gained another 1/2 pound.  Ugh.  I felt like crying at the scale. All I have to say is if you don’t have anything nice to say about yourself, don’t say it.  I have been feeling very down about myself the past few days. Not good.

Tonight is the second to last episode of LOST. Tonight is the last of the Tuesday definite TV watching routine.  What will I do? As long as they don’t kill Sawyer and bring Sayid back or if they do the ultimate thing and get rid of Jack.  The ending of last week’s episode better not be a prelude to the end of the show.

I won a Knit Kit from Yarn on the House. I have wanted one for a while.  I have already put it in my knitting bag. I never seem to have any of the items in it – the crochet hook, scissors, tape measure, thread cutter, stitch markers, tips for knitting needs and a stitch counter. It will come in handy.  Thank you!

IMG_0076 IMG_0078

I will not let this setback get me down. I journaled today and went to Body Design this morning. I will go to the gym tomorrow morning too.

I did not get a bottle cap today with a message. Tomorrow I will though.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday is over!

Today started with myself waking up late.  I left for work late.  I decided to drive into work because I was late and that was a total mistake.  It took my an hour and half to go 3 miles. Ugh is right! I left home at 8:15. I got to work at 9:45.  On days like today, I hate that I overslept. Should have taken the T. I could see the trains go by me as I sat there on the Expressway.

I didn’t get to walk to Wollaston Beach tonight. Instead, I walked to do an errand.  The whole walk took me an hour but I accomplished something. Body Design at 6:00 am tomorrow. No over sleeping for me.

Dad called me with a problem this afternoon.  I didn’t react very well.  I was stressed from work.  I was worried about him.  I got a little frustrated, a little too easy.  I needed to take some deep breathes after I spoke to him. In and out, in and out.

I have a hair question.  My hair is thin and plentiful. I try to wash my hair every other day.  It is healthier and not so lifeless when I do this. The only problem is it gets oily and clumpy on the 2nd day.  I heard that dry shampoo will help that. Does it really work? Will anything else sort of washing my hair every day work?

I am also thinking of going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Philadelphia in September. I am already going to Blogher ‘10. Will it be overkill? I sort of want to go. Do you go to any of these type of conferences?

Bottle Cap Wisdom of the night courtesy of Honest Tea’s Lori’s Lemon Tea: Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter.  - Satchel Paige.   True but not with 20 year olds on OkCupid.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bright Sunday

I was having an awesome Sunday until a few minutes ago.  I went to the SOWA Markets today in Boston’s South End.  It was a sunny warm day in Boston and the perfect day to roam around.  I bought a peacock headband.  It has blue and green feathers and everyone was gushing over it in my hair so I went for it.  I also got a necklace and a loaf of When Pig’s Fly Apricot, raisin and almond bread – very very good! I got to spend time with my friends and enjoyed it.

I get home to do some laundry and I see that at the party last night some photos were taken of me and I was tagged.  They are not flattering at all. I am 100% disgusted by them. I hate how I look.  Pure ugliness. I went from cheerful and happy to blah in 5 minutes. I would have ignored the tagging but I looked at my wall and I saw them. Blah.  I could go on and on about how horrible I like etc but I have decided that I could totally spiral out of control and it would begin the slippery slope to low self-esteem-ville and it is place I have spent far too much time in and it is not productive.  I am slipping there though and it is so hard to get these thoughts out of my head. The picture was taking looking up at me and my hair was in a clip and it was not in any way, shape or form flattering. Ugh.

I think I need to knit or read or something to get my mind off of it. Instead of eating, I poured myself a glass of wine. Turning to alcohol over food is not healthy either.  Here’s to a better tomorrow.  I plan on walking to Wollaston Beach tomorrow after work and bringing my lunch so I can save some money.

Less then 2 weeks to go until Louisville!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rhode Island Sheep & Wool 2010

It was a gorgeous day for the sheep festival.  The day started out well. I went to the Ball Buster class but unfortunately, there were no of the largest size of exercise balls available for this tall gal so I made due with a small uncomfortable one.  I ate breakfast after the class. It consisted of lots of coffee with some Trader Joe’s frozen steel cut oatmeal with some Dalmatia Fig Spread mixed in. I liked it. 









I was ready to tackle the fair.  The drive down to Rhode Island was nice.  The end of Route 24 is pretty scenic and pretty.  I liked the open road and driving.  I think I need a road trip sometime in my future.  I hope to drive up to the Maine Fiber Frolic in a few weeks so that might be it.


The sky was clear and blue and the grass was green. I like it!


There were some cool vendors with lots of yarn there and I was ready. And there were animals.

Awesome alpaca’s! I bought some yarn that might have come from them.


Angora rabbits!


The main attraction, sheep, of course.




A rooster came to say hi to me.


There were spinning and weaving demonstrations. I do not know how to spin or weave.


The festival was held at Coggeshall Farm Museum in Bristol, RI.


The view from the exit was pretty good.


I, of course, came home with some booty and enhanced my ever growing stash.


What to knit with this gorgeously colored yarn.

I got home and I was knackered (another word I love) but I decided to go food shopping because I needed stuff then to the party of the end of the fitness challenge at the gym. I didn’t really know anyone and felt a bit out of place. I stayed for about two hours and came home. Before the party, I finished off the leftovers from last night.  They were not as good yesterday.

Bottle Cap Wisdom of the Day comes courtesy of a bottle of Magic Hat #9: Life’s not heaven on Route 7. I have never been to Vermont but I will be up there for the Vermont Sheep & Wool festival and I may have to check it out. 

Brunch tomorrow with a good friend and then the SOWA Market in the South End. The weather should be good too!

Friday, May 14, 2010


The last few days have been discombobulated. It is one of my favorite words to say but it describes things perfectly. Work has been crazy. Life has been crazy. Things have been a bit off kilter in my place since the party.  Finally, things are getting back to normal, what ever that is.

I went to gym before work 2 times this week, which is a miracle in itself. I hope to go early tomorrow morning too to a Ball Buster class. I love those workouts.

Food wise, it has been up and down. Chips left over from the party and a little hunger, bad. I am finally breaking into a beer from last week, Magic Hat #9. As I type this, I went quickly to OkCupid and am being barraged by 20 year olds or the “why don’t you come over now” crowd.

Tonight, I went out to dinner with Dad to Tennessee’s BBQ. The food is good and Dad loves it.  He was talkative and talking to some of the people at the other tables. I am not so outgoing and would totally have a hard time doing that. I am sort of introverted but Dad is a full blown extrovert and tit has been dying to get out.



I had some beef brisket with a side of BBQ beans and cucumber salad with corn bread. I liked it a lot but it was a lot of food.  




Tomorrow is the Rhode Island Sheep & Wool festival at Coggeshall Farm Museum in Bristol. I will have lots of pictures because the camera comes out for sheep and wool!

I have decided to do a new thing. I have been finding lots of messages on bottle caps lately and I like most of them. Today’s bottle cap wisdom is from a bottle of Honest Tea Lori’s Lemon Tea, a favorite of mine.

A man should never be ashamed to say he has been wrong, which is but saying in other words that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.” – Alexander Pope


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things to pry out of my hands

1. Teddie Peanut Butter Natural with Salt.


I will give up chocolate but do not take away Teddie! I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches more now then when I was a kid.



2. Google Reader. 

   I read all 432 feeds I subscribe to every day, if there is a posting. I am an addict.  I have read 9,015 posts in the last 30    days.  I am always adding new feeds. I can’t stop. Knitting blogs, healthy living blogs, consumer blogs, local politics blogs, fashion blogs……


3. Old fashioned oats


Oats with peanut butter & banana or oats with pumpkin & pumpkin spice or with raisins & brown sugar…….




4. My knitting needles

I haven’t talked about knitting much lately but I am working on a new project or projects.  It soothes me when I need it.  It gets me into this groove. I haven’t spent as much time on it lately but the needles are calling me.


5. My library card



I have been without a book on the subway the last few days and I miss it tremendously.




6. This blog.  My outlet when things were grayest or happiest. I don’t know where I would be without it. It gets thoughts out of my head on bad days and good days. Thank you for listening.

I did get to Body Design this morning. It was a fun and energizing workout with a mix of bouncing around cardio work and weights. I will go again next week. I am going to aim for Cardio Drills in the morning.

Only a few weeks left of LOST. I wonder what tonight’s episode will bring. Not answers most likely. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Beach Bum

I did manage to get to the gym tonight to attend the Beach Bums class. Now, it is not like I go to the beach no matter what weight I am at.  I am a walking precaution for skin cancer but all that lunging and squats felt good.  I hope to get my sorry self out of bed to attend Body Design at 6 tomorrow morning. 

Tomorrow will be a busy day at work.  We have some of the vice presidents visiting from Chicago. Meetings await me tomorrow. Lots of coffee will be needed.

Boots is running around and meowing like a mad kitty. He just jumped up on my horse for drying clothing.  It knocked over and scared him. That’s what he gets for being a pain tonight! It is a bit cold in the apartment tonight so maybe that is getting to him.

I think I am going to jump on the things that make me happy or that I am totally addicted to bandwagon.  I will post about that tomorrow. I have to chip the ice off of my hands. I am cold!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


My first foray into hosting a party went well last night.  In fact, I am recovering today. We drank a lot of champagne. And I am feeling it today.

I am happy it was a success.  I was always afraid no one would come or people would be bored.  While a few people did not come, no one appeared to be bored and it was a success in my opinion.  One thing off of my list that I accomplished.  This was the 1st Annual Party, with other annual parties to come. 

I am smiling about it today.

I went to visit Mom today.  She is barely talking and not really eating. The nursing home had set out cakes and coffee for visitors and we got a piece of Mom to eat.  She did eat it and that was something.  She hasn’t been eating very much.  And getting her to talk today was hard.  Harder than normal. My brother was taking it hard that she did not know his name.  She has been forgetting us a lot.  Some one braided her hair today and she looked good and smiled but something was missing. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I had a better day today. I even kicked ass tonight at trivia with some answers I pulled out of the blue (and one I blew but accentuate the positive.) I did manage to crawl out of bed at 5:20 am and get to the gym for the 6 am Power Walk.  I could not keep up with the front but I was not last.



I got a crazy idea for breakfast this morning. I took two Van’s Multigrain waffles (a favorite of mine) and defrosted some mixed berries and added them to part skim ricotta and put that on the toasted waffles.  The Italian half of me is jumping for joy over ricotta. It was good! I think I may have to do it again.  The juice leaked all over my lunch bag so it will be juicier next time.



I had the same lunch again of turkey, cheese, spinach on Dark German wheat bread with mustard.  I had a pear with it and a small Lara Cashew Cookie bar I got at the Walk for Hunger in the snack bag.  I really like Lara bars and this was good but it does not beat the Apple Pie one.




I had a Wallaby Organic Non Fat Strawberry Guava yogurt for snack this afternoon. I like all the Wallaby yogurts and this one was not different. I will have to get more when they go on sale.




Tonight was trivia. I worked late and did not get home until after 7. By the time I got home, I was tired and irritable from a cramped subway ride home. I broke the cardinal rule on riding the T. Don’t talk to anyone. I was very close to him and there was no getting around it.  A little too close then my bag caused the door not to shut and we joked about it.  Anyways, I was in no mood to cook so I got food at the bar I play trivia at, Cagney’s. I got a grilled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries. They give maple syrup with the fries and it was good.  I had two of the Sea Dog Apricot Wheat Beer. I like it! I have also been converted to Magic Hat #9 but not tonight.


I am still thinking about what to get Mom for Mother’s Day. I may just get her a treat of some kind.  Then there is my party Saturday night. I will think of stuff at work tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I like Windows Live Writer but I am still fooling around with the font color.  They have different font colors then Blogger and I am trying to find one that works.  So things may be slightly off each time.

Wednesday are always full of weekend anticipation and also full of will this week ever end?

My mood was so so today. I tend to ride these waves.  A few good days, a few so so days, and so on. I am really looking forward to the weekend and it is getting closer to my Louisville trip. I am very excited to visit Louisville over Memorial Day weekend.

I am feeling a bit lonely I guess. I updated my OkCupid and Plenty of Fish sites. I haven’t looked on Match lately. I try to walk around with my head up and making eye contact, something unusual in Boston, really. I just never meet anyone. The only people who talk to me in the grocery story are older people who can’t reach the top grocery shelf and ask me for help because I am 5’10.  Maybe I should throw a pineapple at the next guy that looks half way decent at the store.

My food intake today was good.  I had basically the same breakfast as yesterday except without cereal. Still, it was a pink mess by the time I got into work. Lunch was the same as yesterday also. Piece of Arnold German Wheat bread, some deli turkey, a piece of light Munster cheese and some spinach.  I had a pear, a banana and a Noni Toscani (I love those).

Since tonight was knitting, I went to Gunter Tooties after work.  Gunther Tooties is a little bagel and coffee shop chain with a cafe near where I live.  I wasn’t planning on getting food but something about the chicken, cranberry and goat cheese salad called to me. I said I had to have that.

IMG_0030 IMG_0031

I didn’t need dressing for most of the salad. I am on such a spinach/field green kick lately and with the toppings, I was happy. They also had fresh lemonade and it also screamed to me when I got there.  I usually get coffee and I wasn’t feeling it tonight.

I love the colors in the yarn I am working on.  The blue, greens and purples are nice and I am not sure what I am going to do with the finished product when I get done.




Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hard Work Did Not Pay Off

I went to the gym after work and had a hard work out in the glide and roll class. I was a total sweaty mess when I got done. I was hopefully that all of my hard work would pay off with the nutritionist after.  It didn’t. I gained 1.2 lbs after walking twenty miles and working out several times last week. Oh well.

The nutritionist told me that my demeanor changed after I got weighed in.  It did.  I hate the number on the scale.  It makes me happy if it is down or depressed if it is up.  I went from bubbly to blah in a matter of minutes. I try my hardest not to let the number on the scale get me down but it does.

Everything is based on that number.  It is like my sense of worth is held in that number. I got home and just really wanted to curl up in a corner and cry. I didn’t but I wanted to.

The nutritionist and I talked about what happened the other times I lost and gained.  I said I did not think of the future at all. She said forward thinking is important. As someone who was so obsessed with the past, I find it hard to think about the future.  Where do I see myself in 5 years? No where.

I have to really work on forward thinking.  I can’t change the past but I can affect my future. I don’t think my future will be much different then today. I’ll probably still be single 5 years from now. I’ll be 41. I want more.  What, I don’t know. 

I did ok eating today. I brought my breakfast to work, which was my yogurt concoction consisting of 1 cup of Fat Free Stonyfield Farms plain yogurt, defrosted frozen mixed berries, a little cereal and a bit of honey.


It was pretty good and a big pink mess when I got to work.

I brought a piece of German wheat bread with turkey, cheese and spinach for lunch with a banana.  For snacks, I had a pear and a Quaker bar.

Dinner was 2 pieces of pizza left over from the other day.  That is it for the pizza. I also had a little ice cream while watching LOST.

I am not sure where LOST is going but I have watched every single episode and I will watch until the end. As usual, more questions.

My mood today was not good or bad, just kind of there. The weighing in problem did not help.

Monday, May 3, 2010

2010 Walk for Hunger

Yesterday, I walked 20 miles in support of the Greater Boston Food Bank.  This is the 5th year in a row I have walked in the Walk for Hunger.  The weather yesterday was hot, around 90 degrees, and brutal but I did get through all 20 miles.  It was struggle at the end but I was determined to complete the walk.

I started the walk with Secret Sister and my two friend, Bonnie and Jodi.  It was a little overcast but not that hot yet.

There were about 42,000 walkers walking.

We walked the last few miles along the Charles River and got to see some sites across the river.

I like this shot of the Prudential Building.

I was happy to see the finish line. By the time I was here, I was almost crawling.

I absolutely collapsed on the grass on the Common after.  I was tired. 

Sorry, if you don't like feet pictures. My feet have seen better days.  I could not wait to get my feet out of my shoes. It is amazing how dirt got through my sneakers and socks to my feet.

Today, I feel OK.  The bottom of my feet hurt and I am a little sore but compared to yesterday, a lot better.

2010 Walk for Hunger - Test

Test with Live Writer above.  It came out a lot better!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Camera!

Yep, I still have not found the camera but I got a Canon Powershot A3100 IS today at Best Buy.  Just in time to take pictures tomorrow. I will remember with my new little camera!

You can sort of see my new hair cut.  My hair stylist convinced me to put a few foils of blond in.  I am liking it.  I can't wait to get my cool new glasses soon.

You can also see how tiny my bathroom is.  I am standing in front of the toilet, the sink is right in front of me and the shower right next to me. The door is also next to me.