Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why do I do this to myself?

Today at work was horribly frustrating.  I was busy, didn't get to eat lunch until 3 and everything went wrong.  Then the mind started to wander...

I got another one of those "Thanks but your not for me" letters from Match.  It makes me think that I just meant to be alone.  I wonder if I am really that bad.  Is something wrong with me?

I did get to the gym tonight and that helped me a little bit.  At least I got some of my work frustration out.  I really miss talking about work with Rich.  It helped me more than most things, except this blog.  My outlet.

Tomorrow is Friday and I can't wait until 5 pm.


  1. I got messages like that from guys the last time I did Match. "I viewed your profile and I am not sure we'd be a good match." Um, how about meeting me in person first before deciding that? I am sure everyone gets them. I probably already mentioned it, but I call the "Who's Viewed You" section "Who's Ignored You" since most of the time it's men you contacted and looked at your profile who never replied. Try not to let it get you down - enjoy the fab weather this weekend!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Always nice to meet other mental health bloggers. My favorite thing to do on a day like that where everything seems to be going wrong is to just smile and say things will be better soon. Because they will be!

    Oh and you definitely are NOT meant to be alone. I have never been in a serious relationship; it takes time to get to know ourselves before we can let others in. Good luck with it :)

  3. Online dating - dating, period - is SO hard. Unfortunately, I think people find it easier to treat it like window shopping: they take a quick look and don't bother taking the time to actually *read* your profile and glean something about who you are (not just how you look). It's not you, it's THEM. :)


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