Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where do weekends go?

Congrats to Linda for winning the Stop & Shop gift certificate.  It should be on its way soon.

This weekend was full of ups and downs. I went to the Bacon and Beer Festival on Saturday.  It was full of bacon, the best part, and beer.  I forgot my camera at home though.  I went with Secret Sister and the afternoon ended in drama, as it often does with her.  I was upset, she was upset and it ended badly.  Why can't we get along? She pushes my buttons so well. Ugh!

Today, I went to the New Balance Factory Outlet store in Brighton.  I went there to buy sneakers but driving through Brighton was comforting.  My parents grew up in Brighton.  I drove by the church they were married in, St. Columbkille's on Market Street.  I drove by where Mom grew up and the places Mom and Dad went to when they were young.  I would not be here if it weren't for Brighton I guess. 

The 20 mile Walk for Hunger is next weekend and I need new sneakers. I bought two pairs and broke one in on a long walk this afternoon at Wollaston Beach and around the local neighborhoods.  I wasn't feeling good and thought a walk would help.  I sort of regretted it halfway through but persevered onwards.   

I also went to visit Mom today.  She is not doing well.  She keeps chomping her mouth. It is the only way to put it.  She also shakes her leg uncontrollably. She was not very talkative and the nurse thinks maybe her teeth are bothering here as she is not eating, which is totally unlike her.  I always leave there depressed.  It was no different today.

I am going to see about taking next Monday off to recuperate after the Walk for Hunger. It will be good to have a long weekend!
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