Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Part 2 - Where do lost things go?

I totally suck lately. Really.

I can't find my camera now. It disappeared. It was old and the pictures weren't good but it is my only camera and I can not find it. I really want a camera for the Walk for Hunger on Sunday and my trip to Louisville on Memorial Day so guess what I will be buying this weekend.


I did go to the cattle call aka Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to get a new license, which I will get in the mail and I did not need a new picture but now this.

It is freaking me out.

Am I becoming like Mom? What is happening to me?

Will I get dementia and die alone with no one to take care of me? That is my biggest fear. Screw the other diseases. I don't want my brain to die like Mom's is.

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  1. check the dryer. that's where my lost things end up. just kidding. I hope you find the camera. If not, maybe you can just get a disposable one for the weekend. It's bound to turn up soon. I don't think you are losing your mind.


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