Thursday, April 29, 2010


I was reading Smithsonian Magazine on the way home today, when I came across an article on treating memories that haunt you. I was someone that really focused and obsessed on memories of the past.  Therapy and Prozac has helped me but I still think about the events somewhat. 

I find the premises fascinating.  I have wasted a lot of time ruminating over the past that for a while, it was driving me crazy. I never had PTSD but I was totally haunted by events in my past. If it could have helped me deal with it better and not chew it over so many time, it would have been welcomed. 

Never mind that I am fascinated by the neuroscientist pictured.  Tall and dark. So different from me!

No sign of the camera off to the store I go.  I need a camera for the Walk for Hunger on Sunday. It is a 20 mile walk to raise money for the Greater Boston Food Bank. 


  1. Good luck on the walk. I could not walk 20 miles.

  2. You are really an inspiration. I'm so glad I stumbed upon you!


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