Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

What a gorgeous Easter day in Boston! We could not have had a better day. Even though we did not dye any eggs nor did the Easter bunny pay a visit, it was a great day.

I picked up my somewhat confused Mom at the nursing home and we took her out to brunch.  She was not expecting me to get her and that made her confused, to say the least.  We managed to get to the restaurant even though she grabbed the driving wheel while I was slowing down at a light, telling me "You'd better slow down!" I was going 2 miles a hour.  Classic Mom moment! She did not want me to drive her back. She wanted Dad to do it.  

The meal was a brunch buffet and I went and got Mom some food.  I choose food I wanted and didn't just load whatever I saw on the plate.

I wish I was more of a photographer.  I had my camera but it did not make it out of my purse. I need to put more effort into taking pictures.  How do you guys do it?

After lunch, I went for a long walk down to Wollaston Beach.  It was crowded today! No biker gangs though.  There were a few freaks who let their kids in water.  The water is only about 40F degrees.  It may be 80 out but the water is still freezing.  


  1. Glad to hear you had a good Easter. It sounds like your mom enjoyed it too. We usually have brunch with my mom on Mother's Day and we have a similar situation. It's good though to see mom have a good day. We did the Easter bunny thing (my kids are 10 & 2 1/2) so there is way too much candy floating around this house. I feel the urge to trash it all, but the frugalist in me says "but you paid for it how can you throw it out?" So for now it's up in the cabinet where if I don't see it I usually won't bother it. I had my fill of it yesterday - more than my fill! I'm so envious that you can drive to a beach. The beach is my most favorite place in the world, but I only get to see it once a year for a week if I"m lucky. I can't believe though that there were people who let their children get in the water... crazy. Have a good evening!

  2. I love your blog, it is very inviting. Glad you had a happy easter:)


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