Thursday, April 8, 2010


I miss my old boring life.  This week has been wicked crazy!  My father's step brother's son is visiting from Washington state.  Tuesday, I did the tourist thing in Boston. I like it! I should have people who have never come to Boston visit so I can show them around.  We went to some of the Freedome Trail sites, Faneuil Hall, the Public Library, which has this cool 1950's -1970's Boston photo exhibit on display and everything in between. He has been crashing on my couch. 

It is kind of funny because he is the polar opposite of me. He is tattooed, wants to talk to people on the subway, very daring.  I am not tattooed, don't want people to talk to me on the subway and not so daring.  He pulled me out of my envelope and I pulled him back into the envelope. 

He has invited me to come to visit Washington.  He lives in Yelm, which I believe I about an hour away from Seattle.  I may have to take him up on that offer. I would have to drive to Portland to visit a friend there also.

Work has been crazy too, which made me sort of feel overwhelmed.  At least tomorrow is Friday! The Thursday trivia team I am on starts a tournament tonight. I hope to kick some trivia ass.

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  1. I've only driven through Boston but it looked fascinating. How great you were able to show him around.

    I'm more like you - don't talk to people on the subway, etc.


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