Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Step in the right direction

As part of my orientation at my new gym, I met with a registered dietitian.  I liked her off of the bat and when I talked to her about some of my "issues", she listened and said that she could help me.  I talked about how the scale has massive control over me. How I seem to do better losing weight when I hate myself.  I talked about my up and down struggles and the way I like to eat.  I need more 1 on 1 help over what I can get in WW. 

I know WW works and I have worked it in the past, but I need more then what it can offer.  Maybe I also need a support group of some kind.  My therapist suggested it once.

It costs $195 for three visits then after that it will be $64 a month for two visits.  I will see how the first three visits go.  

I ordered The Beck Diet Solution Workbook from Amazon.com this afternoon. I have heard good things about it and the the nutritionist highly recommended it.

Have you used The Beck Diet Solution Workbook?


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