Sunday, March 28, 2010


Guess what I found way on the bottom of the shelf at the CVS down the street from me.  The craving has been satisfied. 

This morning started with a breakfast at one of my favorite Quincy haunts, the Wheelhouse Diner.  Isn't it cool looking?

I went to visit Mom this weekend.  She was OK.  Her face seemed a little brighter then before but she was shaking uncontrollably. We think this has to do with being taken off of the Abilify cold turkey.  Abilify is some hardcore medicine and the way her leg was moving, it was all we could think of.  They doubled her Zoloft, which I am sure she was already taking lots of.  Zoloft gave her emotions originally. Without it, she was a vegetable. 

My mood today is ok.  I feel pretty good.  I took another photo to put on Match and OkCupid.  We'll see how much of a reception that gets.

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