Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have been talking about changes for a while.  I got an email from Blogger yesterday about a new Template Design and so it was the spark I needed.

It is a work in progress.  I have to figure out how to get all of my old posts into the new color. I don't want to go into each of the 200+ posts and change the color.  Such a pain! If you know how to do it, can you let me know?

Since it is a work in progress, let me know if there are problems.  I am keeping my eye out but sometimes, well, other people's eyes are better.

I would love to add a blog roll page.  Do you want your blog listed?

I added an About Me page.  It is another work in progress.


  1. Very's good to change things up! I'm disappointed that I didn't get an email about the new templates...wonder if they released any more designs.

  2. It certainly is attractive. I haven't explored the new templates...but after seeing yours, I might give it a whirl.

    And those socks will still lose themselves. They can hide under his tux.


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