Friday, February 26, 2010

New Food Friday

Today was accidentally a new food Friday. For breakfast, I had Nature's Path Maple & Cinnamon waffles. I had bought these yesterday because my local Hannaford's was sold out of Van's Maple Fusion and Organic Flax waffles. My only choice would have been the mini-waffles then I saw these. They were good! I may have to eat them more often. I am always up for waffles! Today's featured Tap'n Apple butter one them with a banana on the side. So good! For lunch, I had fish chowder from a local bagel shop and it was good. Then for dinner, I forgot to take something out of the freezer for dinner, so I had some Al Dente Whole Wheat blend with Flax fettuccine with some Barilla Spicy Marinara. It was pretty good. I got it in a basket I got a work at Christmas. I am glad I like it because there is a lot left. This week's theme was using what I have in the pantry. Milk, eggs, apple butter, veggies bread...I don't want to buy more unless the old stuff is used. I have done well so far. I've been thinking a lot about Mom today. I talked about her in therapy and it has been on my mind since. In side news, Boots, cat extraordinaire, is now on Facebook. In a fit of wackiness last night, I decided he needed a profile. He was also added to Catbook. What have I become! He has some friends too, besides me.

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  1. I really need to get to eating whats in my pantry. I just constantly seem to buy more stuff. Your eats sound delish!!


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