Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dating Insecurities

I have had a profile on Match for a few days and have yet to wink or write anyone. It brings up all of the old insecurities. Up until tonight that is. I really have to get over this fear of rejection. Tonight, I winked at few profiles. Tomorrow, I will probably do the same. I just have to do it. If they don't respond then oh well. I don't really understand okCupid but it is free. I am not sure why in the back of mind I think I am not good enough for someone. I am a good catch. Rich is missing out. I am funny, smart, not too bad looking, friendly... Sometimes I just can't get rid of the ugly thinking. Maybe I should just ask someone out. That would really be progress! The jack hammering at work was non-stop until about 3 pm today. I have a horrible headache. I think that partially causes my thinking. When I don't feel good physically, my mind sometimes follows. Today was a bad eating day. I had a training class this morning and was running late getting there and there were muffins, etc and I caved out of hunger. I had a ham and cheese sandwich with a small bag of Lays chips and a banana for lunch. I had a bagel and cream cheese for dinner. Tomorrow will be better, I promise!


  1. In my opinion some of your insucurities is the depression. Stay positive, yes I know easier said then done.

    Something I learned in a support group of mine QTIP (quit taking it personnal)

    It has really helped me.

    Another tip a therapist gave was a card that said "so what" for example you are running late to a meeting, well you are already late "so what" why get all anxious, you wont make it there any faster.

    You go on a date and that person doesnt call, "so what" on to the next. These helped me, hope they may help you.


  2. Try to stay positive. You are a great person, and you'll find the perfect guy for you. Go on a million dates, see what's out there... get a bunch of free meals.

    In college a guy asked me out, and I declined... he was really nice, but not my type. So I didn`t want to go out to a fancy dinner, and give the wrong impression. His friend told me that it's just dinner, and it's a free meal. It's not going to hurt any. That year I took more chances then I ever had before.

    Have a fabulous weekend!


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