Monday, February 1, 2010

A Bit Better

Last night, I did my taxes. My return is fairly simple so I do them myself. Why pay? I am getting around $2,000 back from the feds and $350 from Massachusetts. Massachusetts does not have free e-file, that I am aware of, so I had to pay for that. Get up to speed Department of Revenue!
My number 1 priority is to buy a new mattress. The current mattress I have was my grandmother's and was given to me when she went into assisted living, almost 10 years ago. How many years old it was before I got it, I don't know. It is dropping, one side is definitely lower than the other. The sheets never stay on. Even though it is a full bed, it has shrunk to the pointed that the sheets are too big and come off. Boots may like laying on the bare mattress. I do not.
Most importantly, it affects my sleep. I wake up achy. I can't get comfortable. Lately, between that and the bright light shining in my window (another vent for another time), I haven't been sleeping right.
That may be one reason I have been feeling depressed lately. Last night, I watched the movie, Romulus, My Father. It was a movie about a boy's relationship with his Dad and his mentally ill Mom that is set in Australia in the 1950s. The actor that plays the Dad, Eric Bana, is my new crush. The movie is sad and I got sadder as the movie went on. Then I was in a funk for the night.
The new mattress is definitely needed!

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  1. When I was growing up, I used the same twin mattress that my mom used when she was in high school. So I feel your pain!


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