Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Weekend Gone

Nothing much to say about this weekend except that I very rarely stopped. I had an action packed weekend and I need another weekend to recover. Today was just non-stop. It started out to breakfast with Secret Sister. I had some apple cinnamon pancakes, which was all I ate today. Then off to knitting and then to get my car vacuumed and cleaned. I had an issue with a rogue plant last night and it got all over the floor. Then it was off to drop something off at Dad's.
I did not even have time to check my email. I felt out of touch.
Right now, I have a head ache. It is probably going to be an early night.


  1. Wow, you sure did have busy weekend, hope your headache is gone, enjoy your week.


  2. Dang you were crazy busy! Hope your headache has gone away! I absolutely love to knit!


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