Saturday, February 13, 2010

Adventures in Mattress Shopping

I will admit it. I am thinking of buying a Serta mattress partially because I love the Serta sheep. Even if you aren't a wool loving knitter, how can you not think they are cute? I laid down on a number of beds. Frankly, at Sleepy's, I felt like I was buying a car again. The pressure was hard. I was surprised he did not bring his manager over to talk to me like they did at some of the car dealerships last year. I decided to go back to the place that gave me the least pressure and had the Serta mattress that I felt was most comfortable. Tomorrow, I will be stopping by Cardi's and buying a Serta. Finally, comfortable soft sleeping. I had a busy day, when I wasn't lying around on mattresses. I got my car inspected and the oil changed. I got my hair cut. I ate lunch at Tennessee's BBQ because I was hungry and it was getting late. I came home, was watching Harry Potter and a bit of the Olympics. Apolo Ohno is my new crush. I was in my penguin pajamas by 7:30 pm and had a 15 pound cat on my leg by 7:45. It is cute having Boots sprawled out on my thigh but after an hour or so, I can't feel my thigh. He gives me the evil eye when I tried to move. Boots transferred himself to the top of the couch and was giving me the evil eye all night. I captured him as he was about to give a big kitty cat yawn.
I have not posted pictures of Boots in a while and tonight, felt like the night. Notice, the blind is up to give him prime perching view of the outside. I love when he makes the hunting chirping noises at animals outside.


  1. I find furniture (including mattress) shopping in general to be like car shopping - so much pressure! I wish salespeople would just back off and let us browse!

    PS Boots is adorable! I just adopted a 1.5 yr old Tuxedo kitty!

  2. If you haven't bought already, I can't say enough good things about my sleep number bed and they are running some good sales right now (check I think I paid $1200 for mine, but they have some queen options under $1000, and maybe even less with good deals. Worth checking out!

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