Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Call Me Scratchy

I got back from Denver last night. I loved it. The city is very different than Boston and I could see myself living there. I went to the rodeo, the mountains, explored the city and had a great time. I will post pictures tomorrow. Mutton busting and stick rodeos are my favorites.
Today I went back to work. It was a crazy crazy day at work. For some reason, I was so itchy today and when I got a chance to look at my thighs, I could see the damage I did. One thigh is one big black and blue. The other is splotchy black and blues. I won't go to the doctor since I do not want another repeat of the doctor incident but I need to stop scratching. Once I get started, it is hard to stop. On the corduroys I wore to work today, I could see the scratching affects on the fabric.
Speaking of the corduroys, the pair I had on today, that I bought recently, kept falling down. It is the first time I have worn them and they would barely stay up. I hope they shrink in the wash because I could take them off without unbuttoning them. They were not this loose in the fitting room. I could barely walk without having to pull them up because I was looking like a teenage boy with this pants down to his thighs. It is not the look I am aiming to get.
I did a lot of walking in Denver, but it would not have that much of an affect. I will hop on the scale tomorrow morning.
I bought a Jordana Paige RIO Green Olive knitting bag/tote. I splurged. The bags were discounted and the money is being donated to Haiti so I said why not!

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  1. Cute cute cute bag!!! And for a good cause! Can't beat that!


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