Saturday, January 2, 2010

In with a bang!

I work up to this scene this morning. It seems to be all to common lately.
I was feeling rather sore this morning. Mainly because I found out just how thick of a head I have and how hard it is to crack yesterday. I went bowling with friends and when I was throwing my first ball of the day, I tripped onto the oily part of the lane, slipping and falling backward, whacking my head on the lane. I had a large goose egg and still do. I did not want to get it checked out at first but I talked to Dad when I got home and he convinced me to get Secret Sister to drive me Milton Hospital to get checked out.
Secret Sister got to my apartment quickly and we drove to Milton Hospital. We didn't have that long of a wait in the emergency room before I got seen. I had a cat scan and it showed that my brain was normal. While I find that hard to believe in general, I was happy to only have the goose egg and a sore tail bone. I can take that.
I made some pumpkin oatmeal with lots of coffee this morning.
For lunch, I had some Campbell's Healthy Select sausage soup with a grilled cheese. It was really needed today.
The soup went well with the day.
It was melted cheesy goodness.
I have not eaten dinner and I don't think I will. I will probably watch "Cloverfield", one of my weekly Netflix rentals and pop some popcorn while I watch it.
I am thinking of getting back into dating. It has been a month and I am really ready just to see what is out there. I am not sure if I should try, because I did not have much luck on it except for Rich. I wasn't what the men of Boston were looking for. I did also post on plentyoffish. I had bites on that but nothing panned out. There is also OKCupid and of course, eHarmony, which I do not want to use.
I could just ask random guys out as I meet or see them. I am not sure if I am quite in a place for that yet. I don't generally get introduced to anyone from friends. I just don't know.

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