Sunday, January 3, 2010

The holidays are over.

Yay! We have practically a year until they come back.
I just got home from having a belated birthday dinner for Jimmy with my Dad and Jimmy. When I left for Bertucci's, his restaurant of choice, it was not snowing. When I left, the snow was coming down. It has been snowing for days. I hope this isn't a sign of the what the next few months look like. I am already tired of it.
Today, I woke up later than I thought, because sometime during the night, Boots changed the time on my alarm clock. I made a huge pot of coffee and debated on what to have for breakfast. Nothing appealed to me. So, I drank the coffee and decided to make tuna fish with apples on whole wheat Ritz crackers for lunch. It was what I needed.
I am feeling a bit cooped up. Since I am still a little sore and the goose egg is still there, but I am feeling better, I decided to clean the closet so I could put the Christmas stuff back in there.
Find Boots in the before and after pictures.
I was thinking this morning. How come when I get one area of my life fixed or well on the road to being fixed, ie depression, another part of my life ie weight, organization, etc suffers.
Do I have to be majorly depressed to lose weight? Do I have to hate what I look like in the mirror and berate myself constantly to succeed?
I am finally in a better place mind wise but my body is not there. If I really concentrate on losing the weight to where I was before I let myself get more distracted with fixing my mind.
Why can't I like what I see in the mirror and lose the weight? Why do they have to be exclusive of each other.

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