Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010

It doesn't matter if you say 2,010 or twenty ten, it is here. There is no going back to 2009. In homage to my ending my endless dwelling on the past, I will not do a review post of 2009. The end of the year ruined it for me.
So, I will look forward.
I am going to make goals instead of resolutions.
My first goal to to budget as best I can. No more throwing money out of my wallet as fast as it comes in. I download Home Budget on the iTouch and I have entered January 2010 expenses already.
My second goal is a January goal. I will bring my lunch every work day. It kind of goes along with along with the above setting a budget. Boston is expensive if you buy lunch every day. I can save money by bringing my lunch.
Finally, I will think before I eat. Am I bored? Am I depressed? Am I lonely? Those are my primary reasons for turning to food. Or am I hungry? That should be number one. I will try to live every day as best I can.

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