Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Girl Scout Cookie Time

I heard the "Girl Scout Cookies!" cry as I exited the train tonight. I tried to put it off but once again, the sucker in my came alive and I was saying, "I'll take a box of the Lemonades." It is only one box and it is not open yet.
Also today, a tenant of mine sent me a HUGE box of Godiva chocolate for Christmas. I placed it out for the office, which this week, is me and my boss. I managed to withstand it until 3:30 when I took the plastic off of the box and looked at the nutritional information. Yes! Only 190 calories for 3 pieces. I carefully chose my 3 pieces, logged it, and put the cover on.
My exercise tonight was digging my discarded Christmas tree out from the snow pile the plow guy put on top of it. It needs to go out with my trash tonight. It was a battle but I prevailed. I got the same hives as before but it was decent exercise.
Since knitting was tonight and I immediately tried to dig out the tree, I did not eat dinner until 9:00 pm. I was hungry and wanted something quickly. Not the best choice but not bad.
I felt pretty good today in general. No depressed mood, just content. I'll take a day like that.
Today's Log
Breakfast: 220
Pepperidge Farm Deli Flat
1 Serving
Kraft 2% Deluxe American Cheese
2 Slices
Lunch: 465
Bread, whole wheat, 100%, stone ground
2 Pieces
Peanut Butter, natural, creamy
2 Tablespoons
Oranges, all types, fresh, sections
1 Cup
Dinner: 508
Purdue Baked Cutlets
1 Piece
Pepperidge Farm Deli Flat
1 Serving
Kraft 2% Deluxe American Cheese
3 Slices
Dressing, mayonnaise, real
0.333 Tablespoon
Sauce, barbecue, original
1 Tablespoon
Snacks: 330
Leclerc Mixed Berry Chewy Bar
1 Each
Godiva Chocolate
3 Pieces
Snow Shoveling
30 Min

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