Sunday, January 10, 2010

A fine Saturday

I started my day with pumpkin oats and a big cup of coffee. I decided to eat because there were 2 hours until the Body Pump introduction at the gym. I was hungry and I would not have lasted through Body Pump without it.
I made it through the class in one piece. I need to go to more of this class. Good thing, the gym I belong to is offering it every single day because I need to get back on it.
Unfortunately, I came home after and messed around a bit before hopping into the shower. This did not leave me time to eat before my Color Knitting class at the Stitch House, which started and ran late. I have to knit a few more rows before I post pictures. It is a tangled mess but I did learn a new technique.
With a stop at Hannaford's to redeem some bottles then get aluminum foil and old fashioned oats. I ended up getting chicken (thighs and a cold rotessori chicken), more blood oranges because I can not get enough and ricotta. I then decided what I would make for dinner.
I made two Purdue Baked cutlets with whole wheat pasta, ricotta and fra diavolo sauce. I was starving. While I was waiting for the water to boil, I because to tackle the pantry. I am not done yet but did get the bottom mess finished and I had chocolate and two Lemonades.
I bought more at the grocery store because I was starved and I reached for what was handy and immediate when I got home. I know, I barely ate enough today. I may make some popcorn, just to have a little more.
Today's Log
Breakfast: 217
Pumpkin, solid pack, cnd
0.5 Cup
Oats, rolled, old fashioned
0.5 Cup
Sugar, brown, packed
1 Teaspoon
Dinner: 745
Pasta, macaroni, whole wheat, ckd
1 Cup
Vito Marchello's Fra Diavolo Sauce
1 Serving
Purdue Baked Cutlets
2 Pieces
Cheese, ricotta, part skim
0.5 Cup
Snacks: 150
2 Each
Weight Lifting
Vigorous - 1 Hour 0 Min

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