Thursday, January 28, 2010


I really enjoyed my time in Denver. My flight to Denver was uneventful. I loved how Jetblue has televisions at every seat. My flight was filled with Michael Weston and Burn Notice.
Friday, we decided to go to Rocky Mountain National Park. On the drive there from Denver, I saw prairie dogs. Lots of them! I know, they are like rats, but I was excited to see them.
We were able to see a lot of the park, which I was told, is unusual this time of year.
On Saturday, we hit the National Western Stock Show.
Compared to me, this tractor is huge.
I loved the rodeo. Especially the mutton busting, but unfortunately, my camera was not quick enough to catch the action nor it seems, to take a good picture.
We wandered into a stick rodeo, wondering what exactly it was. We found out that a stick rodeo is a rodeo where little kids do the rodeo stuff using stick horses. So cute!
The last two days of my trip, we roamed about the city.
We visited the Molly Brown House. She was quite the woman in addition to being unsinkable.
I got to rope my own steer at the Denver Historical Society.
This big buffalo was outside of the historical society.
Denver was awesome. I could see myself living there.
We ate at some good restaurants. Wynkoop Brewery, Marco's Stone Fired Pizza and Paramount Cafe were good and fun. I met some great women, who I knew for a while but never met. Thanks for having brunch with me.
Thank you for inviting me Cherie!

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  1. It was great to have you here, Jen! I got to experience new things in Denver, too.


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