Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coffee was needed

And lots of it. I could barely climb or roll out of bed this morning. I can feel a cold coming on. The last thing I want is a cold flying so I stopped by Walgreen's and signed my life away for some generic Sudafed.
I went to visit Mom today. It was a short visit. Mom went to a sing along after about 25 minutes so I did not want to keep her from an activity she likes, so I left. She wasn't really in a talkative mood, though her talkative, is different then mine. She was playing cards when I got there and again, she would not divert attention from the cards and I had to ask her to put the cards away to visit with me.
After I left, I stopped at Sears and hit a Land's End sale, where I bought two pairs of pants. One corduroy (I love corduroys and the swish swish it makes) and a really soft pair of khakis. I bought 3 long sleeve shirts since I wanted some decent tops to bring to Denver with me.
Since I wasn't feeling my best, the visit had a bad affect on me when I got home. It is amazing how my mood is effected by how I feel physically. I laid on the couch, had a cat on my hip and got all down. I napped for a bit and felt a bit better mentally when I woke up. Naps are wonderful.
Since I have tomorrow off, I can sleep in tomorrow too. I have to do laundry and a little packing for Denver. I can not wait!
Does anyone know which iTouch app would be best for blogging while in Denver? I don't have a laptop and I don't know who to get pictures to my iTouch anyways but if I want to check in, what should I use?

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