Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Windy Tuesday

It was a balmy 15 degrees with 20-30 mile per hours wind gusts this evening on my walk to the T and from Quincy Center station home. The wind here goes right through you. I don't care if you are wearing a parka or 10 blankets. It still goes right through you.
I am not a fan of winter. I am really trying to supress my need to hibernate. I could last the winter. I have enough fat and I could put some dry food out for Boots and he'd be fine. If bears can do it, I should be able to.
I bought a new coat that is big on me so I can wear lots of extra layers. Plus, I don't care if it is unfashionable, I wear a hat, have ugly yet warm mittens and wrap a scarf around me neck. I think I may knit a cowl to add to my collection this weekend.
I sort of like this cowl:
c. Trish Woodson
Or maybe this cowl, not in orange though:
c. Melynda Bernardi
Or both of them or maybe, I could continue looking at all 66 cowl patterns in Ravelry.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Worrying about parents

Dad had a scare today. He went to his neurologist to see if he could be cleared to drive and his blood pressure was 160/120. No good. So they told him to see his GP again. He did go over there and they fiddled with his medicine. I feared they would send him to the hospital but he got to go home.
He also had a visiting nurse come to his apartment today. Come to find out the hospital/rehab center was doing a stupid thing - giving him Glucophage and Metformin at the same time, both at full strength.
Between Mom and her dementia and Dad and his myriad of problems, I don't know who to worry about more. Then on top of it, I have let myself go and really, I should worry about myself.
I logged all my food into Lose-It! today. I even went to the gym and climbed the Empire State Building on the StairMaster. I am proud of myself today. I actually feel really good.
I barely ate my breakfast this morning, which was oatmeal with two tablespoons of pumpkin butter. I ate maybe half of it, at most.
Lunch was a hodgepodge of stuff from Whole Food's hot buffet and salad bar. I loved the salad. Greens were calling to me when I went to check it out for lunch.
I am finally through all of my left over ham. I am a bit hammed out. I finished up some Brussels sprouts and broccoli with Stonewall Kitchen orange honey mustard to dip them in.
My mood has been up and down. This weekend, I had times where I was just sad and overwhelmed. I felt ugly and down and generally blah. I haven't been like that a lot lately and it kind of disturbed me because it came out of no where. The last few weeks are starting to catch up. The shadow lurks a lot but still comes out now and then.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Weekend

Christmas started with some baking on Christmas Eve. The cookies look kind of bad but they tasted awesome. I think my problem was that the butter was not melted enough and it spread out as they were cooked. The pumpkin spiced cookies tasted great.
It has been a pretty good Christmas now that Dad is home from rehab and Mom got to spend the day with us, without any problems.
We made a Carando spiral sliced ham.
We also had some mashed butternut squash.
Don't forget the green beans.
I tried to follow the 2/3s of your plate with veggies rule. I had a sweet potato, squash, green beans, peas, ham and a Crescent roll.
I did not finish everything.
Jimmy got me some yarn and the Yarn Requirements pamphlet by Ann Budd in a cool box. I also got a nice set of comfy pajamas and an Amazon gift certificate from Secret Sister that I am excited about.
I got my hair cut on Saturday morning. We were going for the asymmetrical bob style and it does not look that bad.
This picture from earlier after I got it cut does not look as good.
I went to Sunday breakfast at the local IHOP here in Quincy this morning for breakfast with Secret Sister. I decided to get Nutella crepes but unfortunately, I found a bolt in my crepe. Not the way I wanted to get iron. The restaurant gave us our meals for free but SS would not eat her breakfast and the meal was ruined.
For dinner, I just cut up some left over ham and scrambled some eggs with peppers, cheese and toast. Not a bad dinner.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I was going to say that I was burned out, tired, crabby and generally not my fun redheaded self but after making some Christmas tea, I am feeling rather good. The apple pie I had for dinner might have helped. Yes, I logged it into Lose It! along with the fudge and cookie earlier.
Why did I have apple pie for dinner? Well, I had to bring Dad clothing after work and well, then, I had to find gift cards for Toys R Us for my nephews and well, I did not want to cook nor did I really want anything else.
The good news is he will be sprung from rehab on Christmas.
I am really looking forward to the end of the year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I took today off to finally finish some errands I needed to do. I didn't get everything done but at least I got the Christmas food, 90% of the presents and went to visit Dad also.
Dad takes a lot of medicine. He has more than a box full. His insurance made him switch to Express Scripts and from there it went awry. He is not sure he is taking the correct
number of medicines. It was a mess. I ended up talking to the social worker at the nursing home with him about the medicine situation. I will be taking over doing his weekly pills for him once he gets home. I am also going to take him to the doctors, all of his doctors. Another thing to add to my list.
I did not go see Mom because I thought she would be in activities and I did not want to take her from them. We will be picking her up for dinner on Christmas. Hopefully, it will go better than Thanksgiving. Dad will also be sprung on Christmas.
I did create a Lost-It! account and logged my food and my weight. It calculates I need 2,283 calories per day at my weight to lose 1 lb a week. I have not eaten that much today.
For breakfast, I had pumpkin oats. It was good and filling.
Lunch, I ate in a hurry. I had 2 clementines and a ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread. I was wrapping present for the nursing home's tree of giving and I wanted to get that done quickly.
For dinner, I just had some whole wheat pasta with Vito Marcello's Fra Diavolo sauce and cheese. For dessert, I had a piece of pie. I also had 2 chocolates in between.
Mood wise, I saw my med doctor and therapist today. Medicine will remain the same and I continue to do well in handling the last few weeks. December can't be over quick enough.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My new toy

I got a new toy. The iTouch has arrived. I am already addicted to Flood-It! I downloaded Lose It! and will WI in tomorrow morning for the proof. I have had enough chocolate today to need detox.
The snow has me down. During winter, my mood gets darker. I am tired of the snow already. Walking to the train this morning, I fell once then had an hour ride into Boston. People were miserable but I had my toy that kept me somewhat happy and oblivious. I like to see the sun and it is lacking around here in the winter. I wonder if extra Vitamin D would help.
Foodwise, it was an OK day. Another 3 meal day under the belt. I like being back to "normal". Hopefully, things will slow down a bit.
For breakfast, I had pumpkin oatmeal.
Lunch consisted of a Lean Cuisine Hunan Beef Stir-fry along with corn chowder. It was a soup kind of day in Boston.
Dinner was pork chop with Laughing Cow cheese, pineapple salsa, broccoli with Stonewall Kitchen orange mustard dipping sauce. It was a tasty eclectic flavor combination. The salsa and dip went surprisingly well together.
I am off tomorrow to visit Mom and Dad, do some last minute scrambling and have a much needed mental health day. I also have to visit the therapist and my med doctor, in a one-two punch.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Live from Quincy, MA..

The neighborhood view this morning. I could do with a white Christmas.
The weekend started with food shopping at Hannaford's at 7:30 am. Who knew the grocery store would be packed at 7:30? It was the mad rush to get bread, beer and what ever before the snowstorm before we are stuck in the house for days. I didn't have any food in the apartment so
really, I had not choice but to venture out.
Then, I went to visit Mom and Dad. Convenient one stop visiting at the nursing home. Hopefully, Dad will be out soon. His face seemed less droopy yesterday and he was not slurring his words like he was. We took Mom up to see him. She only wanted to be up there for three minutes. She would hug him, kiss him, and then she wanted me to walk her back down to her ward. She was probably unnerved by the change of it all and the possibility of losing Dad, her rock.
After visiting, me and my brother went across the street to
Jimmy's Broad Street Diner. I had a good conversation with my brother and an Athenian omelet. The food was pretty good and my first true meal in days.
I had sad cranberry chicken with a baked potato. There was a cranberry mess in the oven.
This morning, after glancing out at the snow, I made cranberry hot bran cereal. I took the left over whole cranberry sauce, some cranberries and raisins and sat down with a bunch of coffee.
The day called for Campbell's Select Italian Wedding soup with a ham and cheese sandwich. The bread was stale, so I pretty much left most of the whole wheat bread.
A tenant gave me a basket with champagne (a good kind I saw in the store yesterday) and chocolate. I had a serving of the chocolate today.
I will have to have the champagne soon.
I put some decorations around the house. This snowman, Mom
made in ceramics class when I was a kid.
Mom got this from Lennox in her order everything phase. Dad gave it to me so it would be used.
Boots had the right idea. It was that kind of day. He did not look pleased at my picture taking.
Finally, I had whole wheat pasta, ground beef, broth, garlic, spinach with some cheese for dinner. I ate too much of it.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Long Day

Dad is still in the hospital. He had two lunacur strokes and his sugar has been very high. He will be released tomorrow but the whole thing makes me nervous.
It is sort of a wake up call to me again. I am a lot like Dad. I am built more like him and look like him. I don't take after Mom very much. I need to change my eating habits. This whole week, I have been eating erratic. I did not eat until 2:30 today, when I had 2 small slices of pizza.
I went to visit Mom today also. She was not reactive at all. I could barely keep her attention. She was more interested in the Dora Explorer cartoon her roommate had on. She said about 5 words the entire time I was there. I only stayed for about a half an hour before I had to leave.
Between the hospital and the nursing home, I am not sure which was worse.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Strokes are not good.

My Dad had a stroke. Not a major one, but a stroke none the less. There was evidence that he had also had them in the past and did not know about it. Dad spent last night in the emergency room. I was also there with him and when I got home, I could not blog. I went almost right to bed.
This morning, I picked my brother up, after my scheduled therapy appointment, and we went to visit with Dad. He was hungry and crotchety but seemed to be doing better. His doctor did not call in a diet plan with the nurses so he had nothing but a few saltines all day and a muffin, which was low-fat but with low-fat comes high sugar. Not something diabetics should eat in a hospital, where they know he is diabetic.
After we left, I dropped my brother off at the T station and I went to visit Mom. She was in a weird mood today. I tried to get her attention to tell her about Dad. Dad visits her every day and won't be able to come for a few days. She plays solitaire. She would not stop. I moved the table she plays on and she moved her chair. Finally, she stopped and I told her that Dad was in the hospital and she would not see him for a few days. She then got all flustered about her book, her bookmark, the deck of cards. She had to put them away and then take them out.
To top it off, her roommate has a bad alarm that kept going off because she kept getting out of bed. Mom was unfazed by it but it bothered me. I finally got Mom to sit down and asked her about her lunch. She barely responded. She did not mention Dad the entire time I was there.
I went home, got something to eat, then went back to the hospital. Finally, he had some food and that made him happy. Secret Sister was coming a little later so I left to let him eat in peace before she comes.
I am tired and feel kind of blah. I have a headache and my ears are buzzing. I hate hospitals.
This morning, I had two Vans multi-grain waffles. One with apple maple butter and one with pumpkin butter. I prefer the apple maple butter. It is my new obsession.
I grabbed a tuna sandwich for lunch. I tried to have pickles with my sandwich, but I could not get the jar open after several attempts.
Dinner was a turkey, pepper, corn with Mrs. Dash stir fry.
In between all of this, I was able to finish the baby owl vest for a friend's baby. He'll look handsome in it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Hampsire Weekend

I am home from a weekend in Woodstock, NH. It was fun to get away for a few days. I did not take many usable pictures but I had a great time with two friends, Bonnie and Jodi, in Woodstock, NH. I was able to relax and get away. It was much needed and I am happy I went.
We did some shopping on Saturday in North Conway. I did not get a lot of shopping done. Next weekend will be a shopping flurry for me. I did get 1 thing for Secret Sister and a Yankee Swap present for a work party on Friday.
We went to the Sugar Shack in Thornton, NH for breakfast this morning. I had banana walnut pancakes with hash and a side of beans. The pancakes were moist, fluffy and great. The hash was OK and the beans, much to my disappointment, were dry and tasteless.
When I got home today, I put my bags down and gathered up laundry to put in the wash. Boots, while I was scurrying around, managed to find, buried in my bags, the catnip treat I bought him.
He has been been occupied with it most of the night. I have
packets to replace the catnip when it wears off.
I made some eggs for dinner with broccoli and toast. I didn't really feel like cooking. I hate when butter does not melt on toast. I took then out of the toaster too soon. After I ran one load of clothes in the wash, I saw there was a leak in the machine so I could not do my next load.
Back to work tomorrow.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Busy Gal

Yes, that is me. Between work Christmas parties, trivia nights, and life in general, I have been busy. At the party, I got an Above and Beyond award with a good cash prize. I was ecstatic. I was so happy to finally get some recognition. It was great and a little boost. This weekend I am off to New Hampshire to visit two friends. I will not have a computer and they only have dial up there so there will not be any posts until Sunday, when I get home. I really need to get a laptop so I can blog on the go and of course, do the other addictive stuff like Facebook. I have my trusty camera and will take lots of pictures. I am amazed at how strong I am. I have really handled the break up well. I have not heard from him at all and except for the first few days, I have been calm and angry. If I ever see him on the street of Boston, grrrrr.... but I have worked hard over the last year, working on me. The you are ugly, unlovable, etc voice has been silent for the most part. I am doing well, better than expected. I am strong.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blown Away

It was so windy in downtown Boston this morning. It is normally windy but I had a hard time walking without feeling like Mary Poppins.
I had a really bad headache at work today and my ears were buzzing. Tomorrow is our company Christmas party and Friday after work, I am going with a friend to visit a friend in New Hampshire. It should be a great weekend.
I am also Denver bound in January. I can't wait. It gives me something to look forward to. Jet Blue had a great price on a round trip non-stop flight from Boston to Denver and my friend has asked me to come since she moved there so I am going. I can't stress how excited I am.
I love to fly. I am such a nerd. I will listen to the FAA broadcast and try to guess where the plan is on the flight. I will also bring my knitting. I hear Jet Blue has Internet and TV at each seat.
Today, was a typical food day for me. I did have a crazy craving for a fluffernutter and Fluff in general.
I had pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast. I could only eat half of it.
I was supposed to have a Lean Cuisine Rosemary Chicken with left over roasted veggies from dinner last night but after one bite, I thought it was nasty. So, I went and got a small chili with oyster crackers instead to eat with the veggies. I had an apple a little later.
I had a non-fat Peppermint Mocha latte at knitting group tonight. It hit the spot.
For dinner, it was a pepper, onion, turkey and corn and Mrs. Dash spicy mix up for dinner.
Boots and the Christmas tree have not clashed yet.