Monday, December 28, 2009

Worrying about parents

Dad had a scare today. He went to his neurologist to see if he could be cleared to drive and his blood pressure was 160/120. No good. So they told him to see his GP again. He did go over there and they fiddled with his medicine. I feared they would send him to the hospital but he got to go home.
He also had a visiting nurse come to his apartment today. Come to find out the hospital/rehab center was doing a stupid thing - giving him Glucophage and Metformin at the same time, both at full strength.
Between Mom and her dementia and Dad and his myriad of problems, I don't know who to worry about more. Then on top of it, I have let myself go and really, I should worry about myself.
I logged all my food into Lose-It! today. I even went to the gym and climbed the Empire State Building on the StairMaster. I am proud of myself today. I actually feel really good.
I barely ate my breakfast this morning, which was oatmeal with two tablespoons of pumpkin butter. I ate maybe half of it, at most.
Lunch was a hodgepodge of stuff from Whole Food's hot buffet and salad bar. I loved the salad. Greens were calling to me when I went to check it out for lunch.
I am finally through all of my left over ham. I am a bit hammed out. I finished up some Brussels sprouts and broccoli with Stonewall Kitchen orange honey mustard to dip them in.
My mood has been up and down. This weekend, I had times where I was just sad and overwhelmed. I felt ugly and down and generally blah. I haven't been like that a lot lately and it kind of disturbed me because it came out of no where. The last few weeks are starting to catch up. The shadow lurks a lot but still comes out now and then.

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