Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Nights

Sunday nights are usually my least favorite night of the week. Sunday is generally my quietest day. Today was no different. I felt in a funk. A little blue but not really depressed. Maybe just off.
Today started with breakfast at the Grill & Eye in Weymouth with Secret Sister. I had a mushroom and cheese omelet with a small side of potatoes and an English muffin. The coffee was flowing. The service was great and with the food at a good price, I was pleased
that we chose to eat there this morning.
After we ate, we decided to stop in and see Mom because the nursing home is around the corner from the restaurant. Mom was not remembering a lot today and seemed a bit confused. She is going downhill fast. I always leave there depressed.
I dropped Secret Sister off at her apartment then I went in search of a tree stand. I first went to Target in South Bay but they only had one stand without the clamps so I went over to Home Depot also in South Bay and got a tree stand. They had lots of them cheaper then Target.
I then went home, watched the Patriots lose, while knitting and feeling sort of blah. I did get the back of the baby sweater I am working on for Secret Sister's friend. I watched "Before the Devil Knows Your Dead", which was depressing and not what should have been on my Netflix queue this week.
Sunday seems to be macaroni night lately. Tonight was no different with Ronzoni Whole Wheat Pasta and some Barilla Spicy Marinara.
Back to work tomorrow with a Patron tasting tomorrow night. That should be fun.
This is the sweater that I bought at the cashmere sale yesterday. It is super soft and I will wear it often.

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