Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Strokes are not good.

My Dad had a stroke. Not a major one, but a stroke none the less. There was evidence that he had also had them in the past and did not know about it. Dad spent last night in the emergency room. I was also there with him and when I got home, I could not blog. I went almost right to bed.
This morning, I picked my brother up, after my scheduled therapy appointment, and we went to visit with Dad. He was hungry and crotchety but seemed to be doing better. His doctor did not call in a diet plan with the nurses so he had nothing but a few saltines all day and a muffin, which was low-fat but with low-fat comes high sugar. Not something diabetics should eat in a hospital, where they know he is diabetic.
After we left, I dropped my brother off at the T station and I went to visit Mom. She was in a weird mood today. I tried to get her attention to tell her about Dad. Dad visits her every day and won't be able to come for a few days. She plays solitaire. She would not stop. I moved the table she plays on and she moved her chair. Finally, she stopped and I told her that Dad was in the hospital and she would not see him for a few days. She then got all flustered about her book, her bookmark, the deck of cards. She had to put them away and then take them out.
To top it off, her roommate has a bad alarm that kept going off because she kept getting out of bed. Mom was unfazed by it but it bothered me. I finally got Mom to sit down and asked her about her lunch. She barely responded. She did not mention Dad the entire time I was there.
I went home, got something to eat, then went back to the hospital. Finally, he had some food and that made him happy. Secret Sister was coming a little later so I left to let him eat in peace before she comes.
I am tired and feel kind of blah. I have a headache and my ears are buzzing. I hate hospitals.
This morning, I had two Vans multi-grain waffles. One with apple maple butter and one with pumpkin butter. I prefer the apple maple butter. It is my new obsession.
I grabbed a tuna sandwich for lunch. I tried to have pickles with my sandwich, but I could not get the jar open after several attempts.
Dinner was a turkey, pepper, corn with Mrs. Dash stir fry.
In between all of this, I was able to finish the baby owl vest for a friend's baby. He'll look handsome in it.

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