Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Hampsire Weekend

I am home from a weekend in Woodstock, NH. It was fun to get away for a few days. I did not take many usable pictures but I had a great time with two friends, Bonnie and Jodi, in Woodstock, NH. I was able to relax and get away. It was much needed and I am happy I went.
We did some shopping on Saturday in North Conway. I did not get a lot of shopping done. Next weekend will be a shopping flurry for me. I did get 1 thing for Secret Sister and a Yankee Swap present for a work party on Friday.
We went to the Sugar Shack in Thornton, NH for breakfast this morning. I had banana walnut pancakes with hash and a side of beans. The pancakes were moist, fluffy and great. The hash was OK and the beans, much to my disappointment, were dry and tasteless.
When I got home today, I put my bags down and gathered up laundry to put in the wash. Boots, while I was scurrying around, managed to find, buried in my bags, the catnip treat I bought him.
He has been been occupied with it most of the night. I have
packets to replace the catnip when it wears off.
I made some eggs for dinner with broccoli and toast. I didn't really feel like cooking. I hate when butter does not melt on toast. I took then out of the toaster too soon. After I ran one load of clothes in the wash, I saw there was a leak in the machine so I could not do my next load.
Back to work tomorrow.

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