Monday, December 21, 2009

My new toy

I got a new toy. The iTouch has arrived. I am already addicted to Flood-It! I downloaded Lose It! and will WI in tomorrow morning for the proof. I have had enough chocolate today to need detox.
The snow has me down. During winter, my mood gets darker. I am tired of the snow already. Walking to the train this morning, I fell once then had an hour ride into Boston. People were miserable but I had my toy that kept me somewhat happy and oblivious. I like to see the sun and it is lacking around here in the winter. I wonder if extra Vitamin D would help.
Foodwise, it was an OK day. Another 3 meal day under the belt. I like being back to "normal". Hopefully, things will slow down a bit.
For breakfast, I had pumpkin oatmeal.
Lunch consisted of a Lean Cuisine Hunan Beef Stir-fry along with corn chowder. It was a soup kind of day in Boston.
Dinner was pork chop with Laughing Cow cheese, pineapple salsa, broccoli with Stonewall Kitchen orange mustard dipping sauce. It was a tasty eclectic flavor combination. The salsa and dip went surprisingly well together.
I am off tomorrow to visit Mom and Dad, do some last minute scrambling and have a much needed mental health day. I also have to visit the therapist and my med doctor, in a one-two punch.

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