Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I took today off to finally finish some errands I needed to do. I didn't get everything done but at least I got the Christmas food, 90% of the presents and went to visit Dad also.
Dad takes a lot of medicine. He has more than a box full. His insurance made him switch to Express Scripts and from there it went awry. He is not sure he is taking the correct
number of medicines. It was a mess. I ended up talking to the social worker at the nursing home with him about the medicine situation. I will be taking over doing his weekly pills for him once he gets home. I am also going to take him to the doctors, all of his doctors. Another thing to add to my list.
I did not go see Mom because I thought she would be in activities and I did not want to take her from them. We will be picking her up for dinner on Christmas. Hopefully, it will go better than Thanksgiving. Dad will also be sprung on Christmas.
I did create a Lost-It! account and logged my food and my weight. It calculates I need 2,283 calories per day at my weight to lose 1 lb a week. I have not eaten that much today.
For breakfast, I had pumpkin oats. It was good and filling.
Lunch, I ate in a hurry. I had 2 clementines and a ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread. I was wrapping present for the nursing home's tree of giving and I wanted to get that done quickly.
For dinner, I just had some whole wheat pasta with Vito Marcello's Fra Diavolo sauce and cheese. For dessert, I had a piece of pie. I also had 2 chocolates in between.
Mood wise, I saw my med doctor and therapist today. Medicine will remain the same and I continue to do well in handling the last few weeks. December can't be over quick enough.

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