Saturday, December 5, 2009


What I miss most about him is the phone calls. We would talk every night for about 20 minutes or more about our days and stuff. It was my way of telling someone what I was thinking though not everything. I could talk about my day and he would talk about his. I will miss that a lot. That what affects me most about this, the way he totally disappeared from phone calls. We talked this way for about a year and a half and then poof! Oh well.
Last night, I had the cookie exchange. I went to the wrong restaurant. While I was waiting, I had a Spiced Apple cocktail or two. It was good! I wish I could have had more before I found out the restaurant was wrong.
I had some gnocchi al forno last night for dinner once I went to the right place. I was good. It was the only substantial food that I ate besides cookies. I have good memories of home made gnocchi when I was a kid.
This morning, I dragged my sleepy self out of bed early and went to a once a year cashmere sale with a good friend of mine, J. I ended up buying one gray super soft boyfriend type cardigan that I LOVE. I'll post it later.
We then went to IHOP in Dedham. I got ginger bread pancakes and two eggs with hash browns. The problem was I was talking and started eating before taking the picture. I can be a chatterbox sometimes.
Then I came home and was watching Bad Girl's Club. Ugh is all I can say.
Anyone want a packed up cat? :)
Just kidding. Boots is my buddy and here to stay. Boyfriends may go but Boots is staying.
Boots looked so comfortable on the couch, taking advantage of my pillow, that I took a picture of him.
I am thinking about having a pork chop, broccoli and maybe a potato for dinner. No more cookies today!!!!!!!! Maybe the extra exclamation points will stick to my obsessed brain.
Dinner was a pork chop with Laughing Cow cheese, salsa and broccoli.

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  1. Gosh I love that cat - I was going to ask you to ship him to me! Moose would love a brother. Hope he is helping you make it through a difficult time.


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