Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Weekend

Christmas started with some baking on Christmas Eve. The cookies look kind of bad but they tasted awesome. I think my problem was that the butter was not melted enough and it spread out as they were cooked. The pumpkin spiced cookies tasted great.
It has been a pretty good Christmas now that Dad is home from rehab and Mom got to spend the day with us, without any problems.
We made a Carando spiral sliced ham.
We also had some mashed butternut squash.
Don't forget the green beans.
I tried to follow the 2/3s of your plate with veggies rule. I had a sweet potato, squash, green beans, peas, ham and a Crescent roll.
I did not finish everything.
Jimmy got me some yarn and the Yarn Requirements pamphlet by Ann Budd in a cool box. I also got a nice set of comfy pajamas and an Amazon gift certificate from Secret Sister that I am excited about.
I got my hair cut on Saturday morning. We were going for the asymmetrical bob style and it does not look that bad.
This picture from earlier after I got it cut does not look as good.
I went to Sunday breakfast at the local IHOP here in Quincy this morning for breakfast with Secret Sister. I decided to get Nutella crepes but unfortunately, I found a bolt in my crepe. Not the way I wanted to get iron. The restaurant gave us our meals for free but SS would not eat her breakfast and the meal was ruined.
For dinner, I just cut up some left over ham and scrambled some eggs with peppers, cheese and toast. Not a bad dinner.


  1. A BOLT? SERIOUSLY? Holy cow.

    I like your hair!

  2. Thanks!

    Yes, a small bolt. I was lucky I did not bite into it.

  3. Your hair looks cute. I love having a bob. I think 2010 is going to be your year, too.


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