Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

I went shopping today. I got basically what I was looking for an alarm clock, two bras, a couple of tops and a pair of jeans.
My first stop was Kohl's. I hate hate hate that none of their pants have tall lengths. After trying on shirts and two short pairs of jeans, I gave up on the thought of getting jeans there. I did get a red top and a fair isle sweater I liked.
My second stop was Target. I tried on a skirt and a flowy blouse that tempted me and made me look half decent. I did not get the skirt and blouse. I also tried on ugly wellies that I could not bring myself to buy. So, I did get a new alarm clock due to Boot's penchant for cords and some energy efficient light bulbs. I was also looking for turkey lifters. I could not find them for the life of me but I did get a baster. The quest for turkey lifters continues.
I was driving home and said, "What the hell, I'll stop at the mall" so I pulled off the highway and to the mall I went. I needed new bras desperately. I can't just get them at any old store because most stores stop at DD. I peaked my head into Lane Bryant to see, just see, if they had G or H bras. They did!
I tried on a few and settled on two. I also tried on a pair of jeans. I need something that makes me look good to wear to the fundraiser on Friday. These made me look good so I said that I would get those two especially since they were on sale. So, I walked up to the cashier who said, "You don't need that size of bra." Momentarily startled, I said, "I do. I have been measures and I most certainly need that size of bra." She then commented that "I don't look like it." Was that a compliment?
I then made my way home to do laundry and dealt with a attention hungry cat.
I did not eat between breakfast and dinner. For dinner, I wanted pasta. Sunday is a good pasta day and since I am trying use up the pasta in pantry before I can use the whole wheat pasta, I said why not. I sauteed some peppers, onions and ground beef in a little bit of olive oil and put some Bertolli Spicy Marinara. It was pretty good and satisfied the Italian in me.

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  1. Hi Jen.

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