Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving Prep

So before I make the stuffing (yes it is stuffing, I am a northerner), I figured I would blog a little.
It was a perfectly miserable drizzly depressing day in Boston but I kept my mood up. This morning, I said to myself, "I think I am going to hop on that scale and take a bit of a look." So, much to my chagrin, it showed a 4 lb gain.
Yes, 4lbs. That is about 12000 unburned calories. It crushed me. I was practically a quivering redheaded mess on the floor. How did this happen? That damn scale holds sway over me. It commands my mood. It can bring me up or crashing down with one quick look at that number.
I try to tell myself, "I am more than the number. My self-worth is not based on a number." But, it is. I can't lie. That number can make my hard work obsolete.
So, I am only going to put myself through that once a month. It will be the first Wednesday of the month, every month. Hold me to it.
As usual, I will post the food, etc....just not focus on that darn scale number.
So, I did overcome the redheaded quivering mess by afternoon and the Thanksgiving excitement has taken over.
I stopped in at Gypsy Kitchen, an awesome Quincy wine store that sells cheese and other things to get some pino noir and cheese. Boots is interested in it too.
I baked a Pumpkin Spice Cake. Pumpkin, spice cake mix, a bit of water and out comes a great cake. I am usually opposed to recipes like pumpkin fluff and diet coke cake but this one I give two thumbs up to.
After this, despite the Great Stuffing Debate, which stuffing should win, I will be chopping celery, onions, butter to put in Bell's Stuffing Mix. It is tradition. My parents have a very traditional Turkey Day selection. Bell's Stuffing, crescent rolls, jellied cranberry sauce, turkey, butternut squash, sweet potatoes..... Nothing is to be changed without jeers from the audience.
Though, as a kid, eating with the Italian relatives, we would have lasagna or some kind of macaroni with meat and salad THEN the whole turkey thing with fixings after. The same thing with ham at Christmas also. My crazy Nene demanded it and what he demanded, Nana did.
I am talkative tonight. It must be the wine.
My food today:
Not so bad.
Oatmeal with fresh local cranberries and agave nectar. Pretty good.
Ham and cheese sandwich on German wheat bread with an apple for lunch.
For dinner, I needed different. So I made a turkey burger, with a bit of the cheese I bought tonight and green beans. Yes, I had wine too.

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