Saturday, November 28, 2009

Playtime is over

I have a confession.
I have had a depressing, non-picture taking weekend. Most of Thanksgiving was nice but from the end of the day onward, I was just in a big fat funk.
I did take a few pictures on Thanksgiving.
That morning I had my favorite, hot oat bran cereal, with a chopped up banana and 1 tablespoon of semi-sweet chocolate chips. It was good and then there was the big cup of coffee in the Eeyore mug.
I had made the stuffing the night before, but I stuffed the bird and it went into the oven around 10 am. I then chopped up the squash, put the sweet potatoes in the oven and set the table. I also broke my coffee pot washing it.
Dad picked up Mom at the nursing home and arrived with her and my brother around 1 pm. The turkey popper had popped and I was getting the final preparations ready when the sister who does not want to be named in the blog (now known as Secret Sister) arrived. Secret Sister was in charge of making a sugar-free pudding pie for Dad. She also brought veggies, cheese, crackers, potatoes and her smiling self around 1:15 pm.
We sat down to a crowded table. I was able to take two pictures of some of the set up before my battery eating camera ran out of battery juice.
Dad is the turkey carving master of this gathering.
Everyone had a great dinner. We laughed, we fought, we was a typical Thanksgiving.
Then Mom had a huge accident. It was bad. My bathroom is tiny and I spent two hours after they left scrubbing it down. It was horrible. She can't control it. I know it is THE DISEASE. The Disease is horrible. Secret Sister was crying and I was crying as we cleaned.
Mom was brought back to the nursing home.
R called and I met him over his parent's house in Norwood. We then went to Woonsocket. I stayed in Woonsocket yesterday. I did not bring my camera. I went and cried to him. My mood was pretty blah yesterday. I watched R play with his daughter and the green eyed monster came out. I don't know how to explain it. I wanted him to pay attention to me for a bit. He did not like me watching Ghost Adventures, saying it was bunk. Instead, I got snippy and felt very guilty this morning.
I came home to a kitty mutiny because I did not full the food and water bowls before I left. Boots had pushed his food bowl across the floor and the water bowl was on the other side of the kitchen. I need to get a kitty cam to see this kitty in action. He may be curled up in the corner but he is plotting I tell you.
I went to visit Mom today. She did remember me but trying to get her to talk was impossible. As usual, distracting her, from her solitaire game when I entered, was impossible. I left feeling sad.
At least, I have tomorrow. R is hanging out with a friend tonight so I am going to spend a quiet night watching movies and TV.

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