Friday, November 13, 2009


My computer is possessed. Hopefully it will not decided to reboot itself while I am typing this.
I did ok food wise until after dinner.
Morning Snack:
A Vital Lifestyle Mixed Berry granola bar - they are actually pretty good, 2 points and with an ingredient list that passes my test
A ham, turkey and cheese sandwich on Arnold Dark German bread with mustard and an apple.
Afternoon Snack:
Hannaford's Banana Cream Light yogurt. It was ok but I could not finish it. I am so over my passing yogurt craze for the time being.
Pho Tai from Get Fresh in Quincy Center. It totally hit the spot. Noodles, shaved beef, green onions, sprouts, broth.... I can see myself eating this often this winter.
The book in the background is Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos. I am really liking it.
I also had some Cheez-its and Edy's Apple Pie Ice Cream tonight. Night time, alone time, eating is a problem.
All in all, it was an ok day. Things missing:
1. Oil
2. A little more in the fruit and veggie department - apple pie ice cream does not count : (
3. Dairy
Tomorrow, I will get all 3 incorporated.
In other news, I talked to R tonight (what to call him R? DBF? The Man?). I won't see him this weekend because he is working about 100 hours this week. Next Friday, we are going to a benefit for his cousin. My mission is to find something to wear. I am tired of feeling dowdy.
I signed up to do the 2010 Race Up Boston Place. More on this shortly.

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