Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring.....

Another wonderful rainy Saturday in Quincy. My day started out with getting my hair done then a visit with Mom, who once again did not recognize me at first. My sister, T, was also visiting with my nephews that made cards for Mom. She did not talk to me except for a few two word sentences.
I see A LOT of Mom in T. She is cold like Mom. The whole thing just makes me sad and
depressed. I don't have a large family and I don't want to lose the few family members I do have, but I can not change her behavior and it only leads to heartache for me.
After I finish
this, I am going to go lay down. I have had a wicked bad headache and it is not going away.
For breakfast:
I had Kashi Autumn Wheat, 1% milk with a sliced banana. The 54 gram serving of Autumn Wheat is huge. It was a good and
filling breakfast. I was running a bit late this morning so I skipped making coffee, option for Marylou's in Weymouth for a Milky Way flavored coffee with milk.
I just sauteed two eggs in some canola oil with peppers, onions, a little ham and a piece of cheese with ketchup and Sriracha sauce.
It was good.
Broccoli and boneless/skinless chicken thighs with BBQ sauce. It was good.
Finally, Boots is obsessed with my coat. Every time I put it down, he pushes it onto the floor and sits and/or lays on it. Why does he do this?

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