Thursday, November 19, 2009

It is my Friday!

I am off tomorrow which means I can sleep in a bit. I want to go to the gym to use the Stairmaster but I will sleep in a bit before that.
All day today, I have had the Schoolhouse Rock Conjunction Junction song in my head. I keep singing it over and over, which made me think of other Schoolhouse Rock things like:
Given that I have tomorrow off, work dragged a bit. Ok, a lot.
Boots is obsessed with drinking out of the faucet.
This morning, I had pumpkin oatmeal again.
It is a good thing I had the oatmeal recently because I forgot to grab my camera on the way out this morning. It eats batteries like it is going out of style and I needed to replace the batteries and forgot.
For lunch, I had the turkey and cheese sandwich again and some Hungarian Mushroom soup from the deli at work.
Dinner was some broccoli with a little butter and a cheesy brown rice and black bean thing I made since I forgot to take something out of the freezer.

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  1. It's because it sounds likes a swing song/Andrews Sisters. I mostly remember the one about electricity..."Benjamin Franklin flying a kite discovered electricity! Ooo, electricity!"

    Enjoy your long weekend.


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