Thursday, November 12, 2009

I need some tea!

I called the doctor's office today but my ultrasound results weren't in my file yet so I will try to call tomorrow at work.
Tomorrow morning, before I shower, I am stepping on the scale. Since I don't have the follow through of writing stuff down, my journal, so to say, will be in my blog. I will take pictures of the food. I am just going to take 1 day at a time. Comments will be welcome. Kick in the ass is also needed from time to time.
I have two weird cravings today:
Once I am done with this post, I will put some water in the microwave and enjoy it with some honey. It is marvelous!
And pho. I was walking home from the T and passed by Get Fresh Restaurant in front of Quincy Center T and their pho pictures enticed me. Maybe tomorrow evening to get this pho matter out of my head. Maybe I should go to Shabu Restaurant. The reviews are very good.

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  1. Those noodles look soooo good.

    There's a really great noodle place that I love called Betty's right across the street from Symphony Hall on Huntington Ave. We should all go there sometime.


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