Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I just got off the phone with my father. He makes me want to scream sometimes. I can't say anything to anyone in my family without there being a fight. I say something to my sister, I get rolled eyes and an attitude. I say something to Dad, I get a challenge and damned if I am not one to get riled up. I just want a normal family. Is it too much to ask for?
This ends my day on a frustrated note.
I did get to the gym and climbed the Empire State Building on the StairMaster in preparation for the Race Up Boston Place.
I placed an order from Land's End the other day and part of it came today at work. What a waste of packaging. The gloves fit my big hands and are very very very warm. Yay!
I am a huge fan of Teddie peanut butter. I could write an ode to it. It is the best!
I needed a change this morning from oatmeal. I just wasn't feeling it so I toasted two pieces of Arnold German Wheat at work with some Teddie brand natural peanut butter and some jelly that I am not much of a fan of.
For lunch, I got chili from the bagel place next door. In the picture, you can see my affinity for oyster crackers.
I had another awesome Braeburn apple and a Lifestyle bar for snack today. Both were very tasty.
Dinner was a pork chop with Laughing Cow light cheese and salsa with Brussel sprouts with a little butter.
Today, missing was oil and more veggie servings.

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