Sunday, November 29, 2009

Boots did get his revenge!

This morning I did discover that Boots found the way to get his revenge on me.
I got up this morning to find that he had chewed through the elastic thingee that keeps my planner closed. That rascal!
Tonight, I am watching Bridezilla's. How can those jerks get married and not me? Ugh. It just makes me depressed. All I want is a back yard barbecue reception and a small wedding. It just depresses me further. Hopefully, someday, R will propose but somehow I am not very hopeful at this moment.
Prior to Bridezilla's, I watched Intervention. No wonder I am not happy with myself tonight. GAH! Why do I do this to myself?
I had an ok day food wise. I can't wait to get back into the work eating schedule. It is much easier then.
This morning, I had hot oat bran with a few chocolate chips. I could not finish the bowl. Secret Sister, who I usually get Sunday breakfast with, was sick so I stayed home this morning.
Lunch consisted of Thanksgiving leftovers. I had butternut squash and a turkey and cheese sandwich.
Macaroni on Sundays is becoming a tradition. Tonight, I chopped a few olives and added it along with Bertolli Spicy Marinara.
I did manage to do some work on the Palindrome scarf and the baby sweater today while being lazy watching TV.
Lately, I am totally obsessed with Iron and Wine's version of Love Vigilantes.
Have you heard any really good music lately?


  1. My way of thinking is that the grooms are just as crazy to be with women like that, and therefore they are guys I wouldn't want to be with.

  2. OMG I freaking love Bridezillas. I wonder how they could ever be getting married, but I guess the guys are just crazy for doing it.


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