Monday, November 30, 2009

Back in the saddle

Mondays are always tough after a long holiday weekend. Let me tell you, it was hard getting up this morning. Never mind that I woke up wicked late and was running around like a chicken without a head.
Today is the start of a new week and the holiday was put behind me. Despite waking up early, I did take breakfast, lunch and snacks to work today.
After work, I climbed 38 flights of stairs for the first training session for my stairclimb. I could definitely tell I am so out of shape. I have fallen far off of the in-shape wagon. I had to stop for a second after every 2 flights of stairs. The stairs were dusty and my lungs felt very sore and tight tonight. Once I got to the 38th floor, I was wheezing but now I feel better.
My mood was ok today. I tried to put the weekend events behind me. I was busy at work, which helped me forget.
I had oatmeal with raisins, cranberries and a few chocolate chips.
Ham and cheese in a whole wheat pita pocket with mustard and the ever present apple.
I felt like having eggs again so I combined them with ham, peppers, onions and cooked them in a bit of canola oil with cheese. I had two toasted pitas on the side.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Boots did get his revenge!

This morning I did discover that Boots found the way to get his revenge on me.
I got up this morning to find that he had chewed through the elastic thingee that keeps my planner closed. That rascal!
Tonight, I am watching Bridezilla's. How can those jerks get married and not me? Ugh. It just makes me depressed. All I want is a back yard barbecue reception and a small wedding. It just depresses me further. Hopefully, someday, R will propose but somehow I am not very hopeful at this moment.
Prior to Bridezilla's, I watched Intervention. No wonder I am not happy with myself tonight. GAH! Why do I do this to myself?
I had an ok day food wise. I can't wait to get back into the work eating schedule. It is much easier then.
This morning, I had hot oat bran with a few chocolate chips. I could not finish the bowl. Secret Sister, who I usually get Sunday breakfast with, was sick so I stayed home this morning.
Lunch consisted of Thanksgiving leftovers. I had butternut squash and a turkey and cheese sandwich.
Macaroni on Sundays is becoming a tradition. Tonight, I chopped a few olives and added it along with Bertolli Spicy Marinara.
I did manage to do some work on the Palindrome scarf and the baby sweater today while being lazy watching TV.
Lately, I am totally obsessed with Iron and Wine's version of Love Vigilantes.
Have you heard any really good music lately?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Playtime is over

I have a confession.
I have had a depressing, non-picture taking weekend. Most of Thanksgiving was nice but from the end of the day onward, I was just in a big fat funk.
I did take a few pictures on Thanksgiving.
That morning I had my favorite, hot oat bran cereal, with a chopped up banana and 1 tablespoon of semi-sweet chocolate chips. It was good and then there was the big cup of coffee in the Eeyore mug.
I had made the stuffing the night before, but I stuffed the bird and it went into the oven around 10 am. I then chopped up the squash, put the sweet potatoes in the oven and set the table. I also broke my coffee pot washing it.
Dad picked up Mom at the nursing home and arrived with her and my brother around 1 pm. The turkey popper had popped and I was getting the final preparations ready when the sister who does not want to be named in the blog (now known as Secret Sister) arrived. Secret Sister was in charge of making a sugar-free pudding pie for Dad. She also brought veggies, cheese, crackers, potatoes and her smiling self around 1:15 pm.
We sat down to a crowded table. I was able to take two pictures of some of the set up before my battery eating camera ran out of battery juice.
Dad is the turkey carving master of this gathering.
Everyone had a great dinner. We laughed, we fought, we was a typical Thanksgiving.
Then Mom had a huge accident. It was bad. My bathroom is tiny and I spent two hours after they left scrubbing it down. It was horrible. She can't control it. I know it is THE DISEASE. The Disease is horrible. Secret Sister was crying and I was crying as we cleaned.
Mom was brought back to the nursing home.
R called and I met him over his parent's house in Norwood. We then went to Woonsocket. I stayed in Woonsocket yesterday. I did not bring my camera. I went and cried to him. My mood was pretty blah yesterday. I watched R play with his daughter and the green eyed monster came out. I don't know how to explain it. I wanted him to pay attention to me for a bit. He did not like me watching Ghost Adventures, saying it was bunk. Instead, I got snippy and felt very guilty this morning.
I came home to a kitty mutiny because I did not full the food and water bowls before I left. Boots had pushed his food bowl across the floor and the water bowl was on the other side of the kitchen. I need to get a kitty cam to see this kitty in action. He may be curled up in the corner but he is plotting I tell you.
I went to visit Mom today. She did remember me but trying to get her to talk was impossible. As usual, distracting her, from her solitaire game when I entered, was impossible. I left feeling sad.
At least, I have tomorrow. R is hanging out with a friend tonight so I am going to spend a quiet night watching movies and TV.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving Prep

So before I make the stuffing (yes it is stuffing, I am a northerner), I figured I would blog a little.
It was a perfectly miserable drizzly depressing day in Boston but I kept my mood up. This morning, I said to myself, "I think I am going to hop on that scale and take a bit of a look." So, much to my chagrin, it showed a 4 lb gain.
Yes, 4lbs. That is about 12000 unburned calories. It crushed me. I was practically a quivering redheaded mess on the floor. How did this happen? That damn scale holds sway over me. It commands my mood. It can bring me up or crashing down with one quick look at that number.
I try to tell myself, "I am more than the number. My self-worth is not based on a number." But, it is. I can't lie. That number can make my hard work obsolete.
So, I am only going to put myself through that once a month. It will be the first Wednesday of the month, every month. Hold me to it.
As usual, I will post the food, etc....just not focus on that darn scale number.
So, I did overcome the redheaded quivering mess by afternoon and the Thanksgiving excitement has taken over.
I stopped in at Gypsy Kitchen, an awesome Quincy wine store that sells cheese and other things to get some pino noir and cheese. Boots is interested in it too.
I baked a Pumpkin Spice Cake. Pumpkin, spice cake mix, a bit of water and out comes a great cake. I am usually opposed to recipes like pumpkin fluff and diet coke cake but this one I give two thumbs up to.
After this, despite the Great Stuffing Debate, which stuffing should win, I will be chopping celery, onions, butter to put in Bell's Stuffing Mix. It is tradition. My parents have a very traditional Turkey Day selection. Bell's Stuffing, crescent rolls, jellied cranberry sauce, turkey, butternut squash, sweet potatoes..... Nothing is to be changed without jeers from the audience.
Though, as a kid, eating with the Italian relatives, we would have lasagna or some kind of macaroni with meat and salad THEN the whole turkey thing with fixings after. The same thing with ham at Christmas also. My crazy Nene demanded it and what he demanded, Nana did.
I am talkative tonight. It must be the wine.
My food today:
Not so bad.
Oatmeal with fresh local cranberries and agave nectar. Pretty good.
Ham and cheese sandwich on German wheat bread with an apple for lunch.
For dinner, I needed different. So I made a turkey burger, with a bit of the cheese I bought tonight and green beans. Yes, I had wine too.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Great Turkey Hunt

MiChelle, you had a 25% chance of wining and you did.
True Random Number Generator 1Powered by RANDOM.ORG
Tonight, I want to Hannaford's in search of some of the fixings for dinner on Thursday. I got everything, plus my regular stuff, besides the main ingredient, turkey. I do not want to go near a store in the next few days so after I dropped my food off at home, I went to Stop & Shop and snagged a 13 lb bird.
Today, I feel a lot better. I got that day of self loathing behind me and moved on. I feel that when I do something wrong, it triggers it. Why am I so hard on myself? I can't stand it. I try so hard then my own firewall falls down. I must work on this.
My food today:
Pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast. I finished about 2/3 of it.
I roamed around Whole Foods at lunch and NOTHING appealed to me until I saw the sushi. So after a bit more roaming, I decided on yogurt. I could only eat about 2/3s of the yogurt.
Since I was running around Quincy grocery stores, I was starving when I got home so, I sauteed some peppers and onions in canola oil, added some hot capicola ham (which I had to get at the store) with eggs, cheese and two pieces of toast on the side.
I had a LeClerc bar, a banana and a non-fat caramel latte in between lunch and dinner.
I have no idea what to get R for Christmas. He has a lot of power tools. I got him a MP3 player for his birthday. He got me nothing. He is off this weekend so I hope that we can spend some time alone doing something nice. I haven't really seen him a lot lately. I miss him.
Actually, I have total gift giving fear. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Luckily, my family is small so I don't have a lot of gifts to buy this year.
What to get Mom is a question too. She is in a nursing home and her needs are taken care of mostly.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Almost Thanksgiving & A Giveaway!

Tonight, I was putting my shopping list together for when I go food shopping, thinking TURKEY! TURKEY! TURKEY! STUFFING! Two more days until the long weekend - 4 days of bliss and turkey.
Today was a mixed bag of emotions. Most of the day I was alone at work. I had plenty of work to keep me busy. I was mainly content until I started to walk home from the T, in the rain. The rain depresses me and thus all sort of thoughts started to run through my head. It was composed of ugliness towards me. When will this demon go away? Part of the problem was that I stopped and got a hot apple cider at Starbucks on my way home and the barista gave me whipped cream when I asked for no whip. I hate to waste things so I said it was okay. I was saying how bad it is for me, how stupid I am for taking it, how ugly, etc, I am. I call myself every name in the book.
Sticks and stones may break my bones but what if the name caller is you?
Food wise, outside of the hot apple cider with whipped cream, I did okay.
For breakfast, I had oatmeal with syrup and a banana. Unfortunately, I had to run into a meeting and forgot to take the picture until I got back.
I was given the opportunity from MyBlogSpark to try Progresso's High Fiber Chicken Tuscany soup. Now, I generally prefer Campbell's Select over Progresso. So, when I put the soup in a bowl, it looked okay to me.
I tried to look at the ingredients to see what would give the soup extra fiber. There were Great Northern Beans, which would have given fiber and carrot paste, maybe might have been a high fiber factor.
The soup itself was okay. There wasn't enough chicken in the soup but along with my uninspiring hummus and mixed greens in a pita sandwich, it was enough for lunch. It usually confounds me that there are 2 servings in the can. I can't think of the last time I ate half of a can for a meal.
After lunch, I had a LeClerc Vitality Mixed Berry bar, which I like. They are hidden way down on the bottom shelf of the granola bar area in the supermarket but they are worth it.
For dinner, I did something a bit different. I sauteed some garlic in olive oil, added red pepper flakes, spinach and chicken broth along with some pasta and it was good!
So, along with the High Fiber soup, Progresso gave me two soup mugs and spoons. The mugs are heavy and I will really use them for soup.
One winner, chosen by Random Integer Generator, will receive one can of soup, two mugs and two spoons. Please leave a comment below before Tuesday at 8:00 pm EST and I will randomly choose a winner.
Good luck!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday and Violette Hat FO

Why are Sundays always so short?
At least next week is short leading up to Thanksgiving. I can't wait.
I felt a bit blah today. I think it was the gray skies in Quincy this afternoon.
Today, I went out to OB's Cafe with my sister this morning. The food is always good there so I decided to get a Western Omelet with onions, peppers, cheese and ham. Along with that there were home fries, which I only picked at, and an English muffin.
I did not eat until dinner time and I did not feel like cooking. So I went and got take out at Fish N' Chicken on Willard Street in Quincy. I got the pre-Thanksgiving try out with turkey, stuffing, butternut squash, cranberry sauce, gravy and carrots.
I also did a bit of knitting today. Yesterday, I finally got the size 15 double pointed needles to finish this project and today I bought the ribbon at Michael's.
I knit this in Rowan's Big Wool and it took me about one and a half hours in all to knit it, once I got what I needed.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

38 years ago today...

Yesterday, I did not have time to post my food so here it is:
Breakfast was pumpkin oatmeal and a big old mug of coffee.
Lunch was Campbell's Spicy Tomato soup with a cheese sandwich. I love the soup and put a little cheese in as well.
Dinner was Barilla Spicy Marinara with a hodgepodge of macaroni.
Last night, I went to a fundraiser for R's cousin, who was paralyzed in a car crash when he was 18. He is not 43 and not doing well. The fundraiser raised a lot of money for a great cause.
Today, I could not get out of bed. I slept until 12:30 and was only woken up because the Fedex guy was at my door. I was not very hungry when I woke up but I managed to eat two pieces of Irish soda bread and some coffee on the way to visit Mom.
Today, 38 years ago, my parents got married. My Mom did not remember and my Dad, who was also there, commented on it. They talked about some good times they had together.
When it was time for Mom to go play games around 2:30, me and Dad went across the street to Jimmy's Broad St. Diner. I got a chicken kabob wrap with tzatziki sauce with rice pilaf. It came with corn chowder. It was thick and filling. I ate half of the kabob and brought the second half home for dinner tonight.
I will have a give away on Monday!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It is my Friday!

I am off tomorrow which means I can sleep in a bit. I want to go to the gym to use the Stairmaster but I will sleep in a bit before that.
All day today, I have had the Schoolhouse Rock Conjunction Junction song in my head. I keep singing it over and over, which made me think of other Schoolhouse Rock things like:
Given that I have tomorrow off, work dragged a bit. Ok, a lot.
Boots is obsessed with drinking out of the faucet.
This morning, I had pumpkin oatmeal again.
It is a good thing I had the oatmeal recently because I forgot to grab my camera on the way out this morning. It eats batteries like it is going out of style and I needed to replace the batteries and forgot.
For lunch, I had the turkey and cheese sandwich again and some Hungarian Mushroom soup from the deli at work.
Dinner was some broccoli with a little butter and a cheesy brown rice and black bean thing I made since I forgot to take something out of the freezer.