Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Recap

So, this weekend went by way to fast as usual.
I went to the Topsfield Fair on Saturday. There were lots of animals and of course, hot cider.
I saw a bunny version of Boots.
Lots of baby chicks!
This one posed for my shot.
This would make a lot of toast or buttered popcorn, for sure.
And there was one bunny plotting the takeover of the the World.
On Sunday, I worked for a few hours then went to Woonsocket to visit Rich. We had dinner with his parents and then got to watch fireworks from his backyard. It was chilly then but when I left this morning to go to work (working on the holidays suck), it was freezing. There was thick frost on my windshield.
I am so not ready for this. I have to clear the stuff away from the heater. I have a feeling, I will have to turn the heat on soon. I am already wrapping myself in a blanket to avoid paying National Grid any extra money. I just got done paying my bill for the heat last winter. Budget payments are great but once you are done, you start again.

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  1. Cute pictures - love the one with that chick standing up. The cold weather seems too early considering we were gypped of one summer month. I am just glad that the heater in my car crapped out now, before the snow comes (and that my warrenty is covering 100% of the cost - whew!) That weird noise we heard was definitely the heater/A/C unit dying.


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