Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quincy, MA

Though, I grew up near by, Quincy has been my home for over 5 years. Surprisingly, I found a few things that have helped me in my battle with depression. 1. Thomas Crane Library Who wouldn't be a little happy to have a library like this in their city?
2. Nut Island Yes, it is a sewage treatment plant to make fertilizer pellets but the views are gorgeous and it is a place for me to get away from it all. All in Hough's Neck. From 3. Wollaston Beach It is just a 15 minute walk away and escape from my day. 4. MBTA Yes, I know it sucks. Yes, I have experienced many many days in delays and waiting for Braintree trains but, I feel lucky to live near a T station. It is my time to de-stress on most days, with a book or knitting, after work.

Brought to You by the Letter Image by B Tal via Flickr

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