Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Difference of A Day

One day, I feel fine.
The next, my mood is mostly ok but I feel completely yucky, which thus signals a downturn in the mood, etc.
Ever since I went back on Loestrin, my PMS is back. When I was off of it, I had no PMS but I had wacky periods. Back on Loestrin, it is the opposite.
In the past, when I was on Estrostep, I wanted to jump off of a bridge before my period. My mood was at an all time low. I was crying at a drop of a pencil and really, for the first time ever, even at my lowest point in depression, I felt like the Tobin Bridge was an option. I got off of that pill and my mood, while still depressed, was no longer suicidal.
With Yasmin, it affected my contact usage. I like my contacts (as well as my glasses). It affects the pressure of your eyes.
I find it hard to believe that such little pills can have that much of an impact on me.

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