Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

So, I did okay today. I brought oatmeal in a thermos with raisins/cranberries and a little brown sugar for breakfast. One check for a veggie/fruit. I got off of the subway early and walked to work, some time off of the 30 minutes a day, check. For lunch, I brought the garbanzo bean/veggie curry thing I made for dinner Sunday night again. It was good and it contained a lot of veggies. Double check. I had some Hannaford Light Banana Cream yogurt for dessert. I did have a ice cream sandwich and a Luna Cookie this afternoon. For dinner, I had a pork chop with peach salsa and Laughing Cow Cheese with broccoli spears. I walked for 40 minutes on my lunch break. I accomplished both goals for the day. I think I am now going to brew cup of tea with honey and have a Noni's Biscotti with it. Fall is in the air here. I think I am going to make Potato & Leek Rustic Soup this weekend. I am feeling it.

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  1. I am getting hungry reading this! Everything you had sounds really yummy.


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